View Full Version : Does anyone know where I can get AutoCad 12R ( OLD Software)

Kevin Berkshire
03-21-2012, 3:18 PM
I have a Meistergram 2412 rotary engraver and I use to import large drawing in AutoCad 11 or 12 and my engraving software would convert it in to a logo with a registation box, so I could engrave layers. The new AutoCad does not have the correct plotter configuration I need to do this. I have spent hours trying to find why the new software can't and the only thing I can find is that it won't support binary any more. What happened to the good old days of DOS and binary?????
If anyone has a suggestion, I would love to hear from you. Please no comments about DOS.. Just kidding.
If you have the old AutoCad 11 or 12 Software and hve no use for it, lets talk...

Dan Hintz
03-21-2012, 6:13 PM
Considering AutoDesk does not allow transfer of their license (and unfortunately ability that has been upheld by the courts), I don't see any (legal) options for you.

Craig Matheny
03-21-2012, 6:48 PM
Pretty much Dan said it there are no legal copies available. You have to go to one of those Pirate sites and then you gamble with the legal issues but only God knows what is truly in that download

Gary Hair
03-21-2012, 8:12 PM
R12 isn't THAT old, I used to teach it back in the 80's... started with 2.9 and stopped around when 13 came out. Anyway - it probably has to do with the file type and version you are saving/exporting. It's likely that you need a very simple plt file from ACAD and there shouldn't be any reason you can't get that from the newer versions. I can export from Corel into a file that a very old vinyl plotter can use so I would be surprised if you couldn't do the same for your engraver. I'll post your question on Engraving Etc., I bet someone there knows the answer.


Paul Grothouse
03-21-2012, 10:14 PM
I have a version of R12 for Mac (with the books, you know the old school book cube, I miss those getting those books with new versions), and it pre-dates the AutoCad user change that doesn't allow transfering liscenses (I think that came in around 97?). Plus who's really going to care it's R12, it doesn't connect to the internet, you just enter the right codes and you are done.

I do have to agree with Gary though, I find it almost impossible that you can't do something with a current version of AutoCad. Who is your AutoCAD reseller, they should help you with this. Try this company as well: http://www.engravingsys.com/support.html Looks like they specialize in your engraver.

I do not recommend to anyone to use cracked software, it is filled with trojans and worms, I am good friends with a guy who specializes in counter hacking. As he says, all he needs it 30 seconds with your computer and a USB drive and he'll take everything off your computer. He says that every crack has some trojan in it. He uses a service called Virus Total. It uses every virus checker on the market to check a file. He showed me the crack files always have a trojan, one out of 100 virus checkers might find it. Think about it, why would someone spend the time to crack software with licenses as tough as AutoCad without some sort of motive. These are very smart people doing this, it is scary how at risk our information is, it's not worth the risk.

Eric Ucci
03-21-2012, 10:46 PM
I would agree with Paul that your reseller should be able to provide you with an old release if you need it. Our reseller helped us out when we needed an old release to work with a particularly useful plugin that we use. They even gave us a legit serial code. You'd need an XP 32 bit machine. PM me if you don't find a solution.