View Full Version : Mistral 230 extractor problem

Kieran Mannings
03-16-2012, 5:58 AM
We have a Mistral 230 extractor that we used to use with our Speedy 100, however a couple of months ago when switched on it just started smelling of burning so much so that it had to be turned off nearly instantly. Also the revs of the motor seemed to fluctuate and not get to full power (filters are ok). After months of chasing Trotec UK (I don't know if anyone on here has dealt will Trotec UK my advice would be don't I will never be buying Trotec again) they tell me it is a faulty turbine and the cost to replace would be 624($980) for the part and 594 ($935) for a call out which frankly seems a bit excessive. The machine is a 2006 but has extremely low hours so it seems it is beyond economical repair at that price. Could any one point me in the direction of perhaps sourcing a turbine and how difficult in reality would it be to fit?

Any help would be much appreciated as ever.

Kind Regards,