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John Stephens
03-13-2012, 6:59 PM
I have seen Corian in different types of shapes and sizes.
I would really like to find rock, brick and bolder shapes.

I can't find a source for them after searching for quite a while
although I have seen pictures of these shapes described as

Can you walk on Corian or any other synthetic stone that can be
laser engraved?

Anyone have any leads for me.

Thank you, I appreciate any and all responses.


Steven Cox
03-13-2012, 7:41 PM
You could find Corian offcuts from your local Cabinet Makers. The largest offcut I think you'll find will be a sink cutout. Try googling "corian alternatives" because there are other products similar to corian, some cheaper and some more expensive. I don't think you'll find a supply of shapes though, however if you can get the offcuts it's pretty good to work with using woodworking tools like saws, routers, planners etc... and any imperfections can be easilly sanded out.

Richard Rumancik
03-13-2012, 7:47 PM
Were they sheets of a regular Corian pattern cut in the shapes of a rock or brick? If so I would suggest it was custom made for a job on a CNC router using an appropriate Corian pattern. Or do you mean that the shapes actually looked like a brick or rock? If so I would suggest that someone has routed the shapes on a CNC router and then sublimated them with a pattern. (That would be a bit expensive.) In any event, I suspect they were made from scratch for the specific purpose and that they were not an off-the-shelf item.

If you need irregular shaped Corian I think your best bet is to find someone with a CNC router that will cut the shapes for you. If you were doing say a donor wall you could even make different shapes of "rocks" so they were not all identical. It would probably not be much difference in cost.

Mike Null
03-14-2012, 8:48 AM
You can't walk on Corian without damaging the surface. The same is true of similar materials.

Martin Boekers
03-14-2012, 11:49 AM
What is your use? We may be able to help more if we know how you planned to use it and if
you are going to laser it.