View Full Version : Scan Gap/DPI setting in RDCAM 5.2.03

Jimmy Phillips
03-13-2012, 6:00 PM
I have searched in the boards, so forgive me if this has been answered and I missed it, but for the life of me I can not find the setting for scan gap, i.e. DPI, in RDCAM.

I have looked in Vendor settings, and everywhere else and I can't find it.

Is it called something else under RDCAM?

I am trying to match the DPI of the laser to the image settings.


Jimmy Phillips

Steven Cox
03-13-2012, 8:47 PM
I have an older version of RD Cam, I think what you are looking for is Interval, I've included a screen shot that might help.

Regards Steve.


john banks
03-14-2012, 7:01 AM
Optimised scan is also useful on bitmaps as it will round your interval to match the bitmap better.