View Full Version : LinkMotion and Leetro MPC6515 for Chinese CO2 Laser

Vicki Rivrud
03-06-2012, 5:16 PM
A previous post about print drivers got me to wondering about the Solustan Linkmotion print driver that I beta tested several years ago.

I see the price has come down significantly since then however at the time I tested it you had to send you raster seperate from your vector. I also just couldn't get it perform to my expectations ie size, speed, engraving results. There seemed to be a conflict with the Leetro board for what ever reason.

So with that said, is there anyone here at this forum using the Linkmotion as their "Print Driver" instead of using Lasercut?

Happy lasering,
Vicki Rivrud
JR Laser Solutions

Richard Rumancik
03-07-2012, 7:56 PM
Vicki, you say you beta tested the product - did you buy something or was it loaned to you? I assume that in any event you have not been using it . . . what kind of $ do you need to invest to try again?

Have you checked out the Light Objects retrofit for the Leetro machines?

There was an old discussion at CNCzone about a few fellows that tried to make the Solustan product work - sounded like your experience. But I can't say anything firsthand regarding Solustan.

Vicki Rivrud
03-07-2012, 8:24 PM
Thanks Richard I'll look over there.

This was several years ago when they first came out with their Leetro driver.

I made a small investment and exchanged some cad software for them to test but it didn't work out. I was looking to become a distributor as I sell laser equipment and would have had to purchase in sets of 6, way too much even back then & the price was way more than what I am seeing now. But like I mentioned to have to split my project and raster first and then vector was a pain. Never could get the scale right. We started out producing r/c scale airplane kits and there was no room for error.

A print driver really isn't a requested improvement from my customer base as I train them and they are usually Mom & Pops, like us, not big art shops or trophy shops were every second counts. There is a previous thread about the print driver, which made me think about this.

I'll have to research Light Objects and there are some engineers in the UK developing a print driver as well.

Take care,