View Full Version : questin with thunderlaser DF211 controller and PHcad 4.47

walter hofmann
03-05-2012, 5:32 AM
maybe somebody know how to fix the probleme.
I use a 40W co2 chinese laser converted to DSP DF211 stepper motor nema 17 and driver M542 laser PWM PS.
as software I use the PHcad v. 4.47 what came with the DSP.
now I am doing lots of mass products prepaire the graphics in coreldraw x4 then send it to phcad.
yesterday I did a run of 3 the same elements in a row at a exact distance because this are 4x4 tiles.
the first two runs was perfect but after this the distance changed in the Xaxis mad a few of the tiles useless
now I relaoded the file after reset the machine the same result, then I re adjust the distance in phcad reloaded and the same result

the machine did not take the changed distance.

does somebody know what is wrong?

please help me out