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Dave Peebles Lyons Ohio
02-16-2003, 9:59 PM
Just a test to see if I have a mini me,


Mike Scheidler
02-16-2003, 10:38 PM
Originally posted by Dave Peebles Lyons Ohio
Just a test to see if I have a mini me,


Wouldn't "micro" be more accurate? ;)

I just created my avatar this evening. I wanted to do it a couple of days ago, but the photo I wanted to use was of the paper variety. I bought a scanner a couple of weeks ago, but it didn't work. I returned it for another of the same model, checked that it worked, then let it sit. When I went to scan the photo last night, it was as dead as the first one. For the third try, I got a different brand that seems to work a whole lot better (though time will tell).

I always liked the *with pic* posts over at BP. Since it appears to be easier to post photos on this forum (i.e. no approval process to go through) I'm hoping to see even more of them.

John Miliunas
02-16-2003, 11:35 PM
I agree that posting pics is a snap with this system, though I wish one could post multiple images on the same post. Otherwise, smo-o-o-o-o-o-oth sailing! Keith & Co. are doing an awesome job on this! Thanks guys.

Rusty Hughes, Indy
02-17-2003, 12:12 PM

Can't quite see you there. Others may not want to see you! :)


Kurt Krauter in Indy
02-17-2003, 4:14 PM

Well....I know it's a lathe (Jet MINI) and I'm pretty sure that's you behind/beside it....but.....we want a full upclose shot of your mug.

Although....that lathe may be somewhat attached to your backside (at least I imagine it feels that way at times:D:D )

I looked last night night in all of the albums my wife keeps for our family on the computer (isn't digital age wonderful??) and I came to the realization that I may not really exist.....over 1000 pics of all the kids and the things they do and.....literally....maybe 5 or 6 of me (and none were very flattering).

Oh well....I guess I just keep paying the bills and showing up for dinner.

Kurt - playing his little violin

Phil Hudak
02-17-2003, 6:38 PM
Well...lemme try mine.

Actually, this is my one year old son Andrew...

Phil Hudak

Howard Barlow
02-18-2003, 9:31 AM
Hey Dave, looks like pictures my momma took of me when I was a kid. She would always say things like, " Don't stand in the front row." Or, "Don't stand so close to the camera, I can see your face." Or, "Son, you photograph better when you're standing behind the camera."

Kinda like those, "Honey, quit coming in the house during the day. The neighbors are gonna think you're my kid." comments she used to make.

Momma always said I was her favorite.