View Full Version : problem with PHcad v. 4.47

walter hofmann
03-02-2012, 3:26 PM
Hi all
does anybody know what can cause in PHcad that saved workfile can not be re-opend??
I just got the new DF211 from thunderlaser with the PHcad v. 4.47 and when I save a file from the programm to my hard drive
and wana re-open it again in PHcad it does not show up. the file works fine in the machine with the controller the probleme lays with the programm. I use windows 7 on a HP 2000 laptop/.
any help?

john banks
03-02-2012, 4:12 PM
No experience with that software except that the apparently related RDCAM has issues with Windows 7 writing to the program files folder.

Consider "run as administrator" as there may be a config file in the program files folder it can't update. This sort of thing can give strange behaviour.

Robert Silvers
10-05-2013, 9:49 AM
Yes. When I try to load any saved file, it says out of memory error. Did you find a fix?

I have another problem. I believe it was working but it no longer will set the laser power in cut mode. Engrave mode works. Cut mode only works if I manually set the power on the laser control panel. Anyone else have that problem? I need a fix. I use PHcad in self-contained mode, which may be part of it.