View Full Version : Windows 7 "Search Files" not working

Martin Boekers
02-17-2012, 12:29 PM
I am having an issue with searching for files on the computer.
It looks like it's search but nothing comes up?

7 is new to me is there a way to restore the drive to a previous
place in time, like XP? I have found a spot to restore to a saved
version (which there is none)

Something is causing X5 to slow down or lock up also. This computer
is not hooked up to the internet.

Thanks for any help!

Tommy Takly
03-17-2012, 9:19 AM
Windows 7 is new to me; is there a way to restore the drive to a previous
place in time, like XP?

Windows 7 is somewhat different as you've notice. To get the search tool to show like it was in XP you'll need the FileSearchEX search tool. The other changes to Windows 7 I think you'll really like, but the search does need to be corrected.

scott spencer
03-17-2012, 12:01 PM
You can't switch between operating systems easily unless you had XP installed on a different back up hard drive. XP can be re-installed, but AFAIK you'd need an XP installation CD for a clean install on a fresh (or wiped) hard drive.

You can do a system restore to an early point in time within either Win 7 or XP, but that won't achieve the desired effect of restoring to a previous OS.

John Noell
03-17-2012, 2:55 PM
Win7 actually does a pretty good job of searchng but it works rather differntly than XP. For a simple search, just click the "Start" button (the round Windows logo button, lower left corner of screen) and start typing. If that does not bring up what you want, click "See more results." There you can sort by name, date, etc. Although it is less intuitive in Win7, to search for a specific type of file or by date, or any other attribute, you can add things like "kind:cdr" and that will find only Corel files. Important Note: Win7 GRADUALLY indexes your files when it is new, and starts with only the C drive. Over time, search gets faster at finding files. If you leave your computer on for longer periods of time when new the indexing won;t take as long as it happens only "in the background."

Eric Ucci
03-17-2012, 9:03 PM
If it's a relatively new installed version of Windows7, perhaps the latest restore point is the original install. Periodically, when you install windows updates, it will create a restore point. In the bad old days of Vista, we would manually create a restore point when we noticed that everything was running smoothly. We would do this in the hopes that if the @!# hit the fan we'd have a comfy place to go back to. However, since Windows7, things have been running smooth and no need for system restores. Generally speaking, without knowing your particular software/hardware needs, I would welcome the transition to windows7. Its very robust and trouble free, with support from almost everyone. Also, we have tried system restore in emergencies about 1/2 a dozen times. It has never worked for us. We always end up doing a fresh OS install.