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Martin Safranek
02-08-2012, 6:02 PM
Hi everybody,

im new on this forum . I would like to read your opinions to my dilemma with buying new co2 laser engraver.I want engrave and cut .... I have two machnines in my focus one is GCC laserpro spirit LS 60w synrad ("expensive" about 24 k USD) and second is let say "lowcost" china nice cut C-1290 co2 water chilled 80w (10 k USD). China machine is bigger and more powerful but water chilled and glas tube with aprox 1500 life time and not so much references. Its very hard to decide what is right option. For GCC price i can buy china laser and CNC router but im afraid of laser tube and service ... i have just one reference to C-1290 and no other informations about throughput about quality .... Im sure that GCC is very good quality machine but high price. I would like to have another opinions then just my. I have just about 26 k USD for starting my project ....

Thanks a lot for every opinion.


George M. Perzel
02-08-2012, 6:29 PM
There are, at last count, 1433 threads on this forum discussing this same subject-do a search on "buying lasers" and your efforts will be rewarded over a thousand fold-cheers