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Mike Evertsen
04-26-2003, 12:59 AM
I used Go Daddy software to build my web page I got my domain address thru Go Daddy and Go Daddy host my web page,,,,
Can I let a cheaper company host my web page????
how would I do it if I can????

thank God I don't need a computer to make saw dust,,,,,:confused:

Dr. Zack Jennings
04-26-2003, 11:33 AM
I use doteasy.com. The basic package is 20MB of webspace and registration of your Domain Name for one year = $25. I did mine for five years = $90. No more payments, renewals or reminders for 5 years!

You do get pop3 email and unlimited email forwarding and alias capasbility. [easy to use control panel]
You do have to create your own website or you can just use it for picture hosting.
You do have to get and learn an ftp [File Transfer Protocol] software to get files from your computer to the host server. This is easy and there is free software out there..

I love having my own domain (My Name.com) and an easy to remember email address: zack@my name.com.

<center> Click on the www button below to see my site.
My site is non-commercial.... just a personal hobby/bio site.

Note: Transfering an existing domain [One that is currently hosted on another site] is $35. It is cheaper to just register a new name.

Jim Becker
04-26-2003, 8:49 PM
Inexpensive is nice, but do be careful...there are some real good hosting scams out there. I got burnt on one two years ago. Since then, I've been using http://MyHosting.com and have been very, very pleased. It's not the least expensive service, but their support has been responsive and the servers are fast. The latter makes the former no problem for me.