View Full Version : love this forum :)

Emma austin
02-06-2012, 12:58 AM
My universal suddendly just stopped firing. The beam was moving but no action--- keep calm Emma keep calm (as I think of the huge amount of orders due in next day and half!).
Googled "universal laser not firing" and the first result was a thread from here, where someone said they had re-started their PC and worked... so tried that and what do you know!
Huge relief. Very thankful for the knowledge here, as it is past office hours here now and I would have been stuffed!

Frank Corker
02-06-2012, 6:49 AM
That's what it's all about right there. The fountains of knowledge shared by all. Glad it worked out for you Emma.

Vaughan Raymond
02-09-2012, 11:15 AM
You surprised me this morning when I read this. My grandaughter is Emma Austin - in Canada.