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Frank Defert
02-02-2012, 5:25 PM
Hello Everyone,

My business is mostly industrial engraving of placards and tags. I have been asked to see if I can create tags for use in the petroleum industry as per the sample pictured. I have a laser engraver and use Rowmark and Encore plastics for the other tags I make.

This sample tag is multi coloured and appears layered but I do not know how to make this one. Any information and comments to explain this tag are welcome. Thanks in advance for all the replies.


Mark Sipes
02-02-2012, 5:43 PM
Hard to tell from the photo but is the red stripe cut into the 2nd layer. what color is the back... Black? if not then it may be paint filled

.... It is plastic correct? Anodized Aluminum ?

unique color combo...... here are some 3 layer colors.. http://www.gravograph.us/engraving-products/Gravoply3C.php

Frank Defert
02-02-2012, 9:08 PM

It appears to me looking at the origonal photo that the red stripe is screened or painted on and not engraved or cut into place and yes it is plastic. It needs to be petroleum friendly to stand up to being used to identify valves and tanks. I could cut all the pieces out and affix them to another substrate and engrave the text but that may not be too cost efficient. I do agree with you Mark that it is a unique colour combination.

Bill Gailey
02-03-2012, 11:39 AM
Not sure how durable it would be in an industrial setting but you could use black core white laserable plastic, cut out the tags and the hole and then print the 2 colors using the MagicTouch system and then engrave the lettering. I use my MagicTouch to do full color nametags and then laser through the color to expose the substrate color and have never had a problem with the durability. Of course they are not being worn in the same type of environment. By gang printing these it would be quite cost effective and not take a lot of time. Just my 2 cents worth - for whatever that is worth!

John Frazee
02-03-2012, 2:54 PM