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Matty McQuilkin
03-16-2005, 9:05 AM
Can any one point me in the right direction to find plain wood pencils, you know the type just plane wood and lead center , nothing fancy. These are the ones with no print stamped on them, I want to laser them and give away as promotions. Thanks Matty

Bruce Shiverdecker
03-16-2005, 4:35 PM
I'd start my search with "Pencil, Wooden, and Wholesale Or office suipplies, Wholesale, or pencil, wooden , manufacturers. You also might look in a "Conover Mass" book at your local library.


Fred Ball
03-16-2005, 6:53 PM
Try www.Busrel.com (http://www.Busrel.com)

They sell a range of promotional products at fairly decent prices if ordering in quantity.

Matty McQuilkin
03-21-2005, 1:23 AM
Thans for the info everyone