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Jens Garry
01-10-2012, 11:13 AM
Hello @ll,

We currently have several problems with the LMI SE 225 CV.
Went 2 days before this (in Windows 98 first edition, patched)
still very good and we had experimented with the laser settings.

Early today, the theater release. The neighbor came by and
said, the printer reports: Out of paper. I have him at the then
okay and then I brought him over for lunch again,
because I still wanted to install some stuff, etc. the graphics drivers, etc.

Unfortunately spins, the laser had been knocking around all afternoon.
There are errors in the display of lasers, some examples:

misc. parse error / Divide check failed / Buffer input error at P 29

For example, if we send only a text file created in WordPad,
So with only the word "test", then he had previously been equal between 9 to
13 mistakes made - for example, the buffer input error.

What we also noticed this morning, he can laser / prints only one third or
quarter and then breaks off easily.

Do you have some advice / tips for us? What are we doing wrong?
Is it the drivers? Or could also be a defect from the laser-
Memory machines exist?

If a Windows 98 SE to recommend more for the machine?
The hardware of the PC is designed for Windows 2000/XP.
But there are also drivers for Win 98/SE / etc.

I thank you very much in advance for your help.

Best regards from Germany.

Frank Corker
01-10-2012, 9:19 PM
Jens, usually a buffer underrun can be erased by increasing the size of your virtual memory settings. You have to click on the computer icon, right click and go to properties. Under advanced and performance you will find a way to increase the virtual memory. It's usually a four figure digit. It will also show the maximum size that the virtual memory can be increased to. If you find that, enter the maximum. Reboot the machine and see if the problems stops.

Jens Garry
01-11-2012, 6:03 AM
Hello Frank,

I thank you for the first tip that I've previously implemented.
Unfortunately, the implementation did not change significantly.

But, and now it comes: In the driver menu control, so the setting
by Laser Graver, there is an option to power / speed table, which either
"Enabled" or "Disabled" - the default is the setting to Enabled.
I found out, set the option to Disabled, then the errors come
not more. We now have other problems.

Even in simple text, the laser breaks Graver usually from mostly prematurely.
He lase / Prints only quasi even a third of the whole. One can then only
Cancel, then he goes back to its original position.

We have now tried several different settings, but unfortunately
also because it breaks off prematurely.

What is also funny as before, they send a 51Kbyte file
for example. a small image, then come on only once during laser 16Byte.

Sometimes, just like before, in our experiment, it is also
ever before, that even counts any file or data.
It then displays only 000.0k. Sometimes 002.0k, but which
on a PC with eg. 16kB is displayed. This is somewhat confusing.

We want to continue to work this afternoon. We are the times
Parallel port cable to the exchange, maybe the cable has
a quirk ...

We also have a cable which goes parallel to the laser Graver
on the PC and comes as a USB. But we need the USB port
support or even install properly before us so that something
can try. Currently, not even a USB flash drive is assumed.

We would be delighted if you give us maybe a few tips
or could give advice along the way.

As far as I have it correctly recognized, the internal ca LaserGraver 15Mbyte
Memory available. And sometimes one has the impression that the laser
Data sent off, or maybe not right in the laser memory. Could it be that something is broken at the Graver?
Maybe memory is defective?

In the display, you can check the yes, it appears: 15597568 free memory.

I thank you again for your support
and best regards from Germany.



We have just one more error in the display of
Laser Graver get displayed:

Motion Error Error 2 Token not found.

Other errors he has up to a buffer input error not brought any more.
The virtual memory is already set to maximum.
Parallel cable was replaced.

Mysterious thing difficult. But I'm not giving up. :)

Maybe tomorrow I load a few pictures with pure, which
Settings and show where and when the laser stops.

Thanks @ll

Jens Garry
01-14-2012, 7:58 AM
Hello you good,

We still have the problem that the LMI the lasing
terminated prematurely. We have just tested again, with the
mainly confronted Print Test Page. The engraver can laser prints or even
further than previous processes, but it does not print until the end.

This must have a cause, but which we have not yet
could find.

We had previously failed to print jobs sent directly to the laser.
This time, we have sent directly to the laser, as well as draws
He carried no right to the end.

I think there is still a matter of attitude. It seems
not really so, that the engraver had a quirk.

Maybe if someone had a little time by the experts, could
you give us some tips? We would be delighted and
thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards from Germany and all of you
have a nice weekend. :)


Kay Bengtson
01-14-2012, 2:51 PM
Do a test on your computer's memory. There may be some bad RAM which will cause errors. We had similar problems on an old computer running Win 2000 with the files being sent not matching or having strange behavior. Finally, the memory failed completely and caused the hard disk to get scrambled by programs overwriting system files. A newer computer with Windows XP sent the same files perfectly and we now do not have any strange behavior by the laser.


Bruce Volden
01-14-2012, 9:01 PM

Have you tried reseating ALL the cards and cables on the back of your machine? LMI was not a machine that had solid seating for their cards and when things go awry this is always suspect!! My cards were held in place by "zip ties" from the factory. I have had to do this many times with my machines.



Jens Garry
01-15-2012, 6:15 AM
Hi Kay, hello Bruce,

first thanks for your help. Times the memory using memtest
test is certainly an option, which I think is also open. We would indeed
also like to run under Win2000 or WinXP, but the drivers are just
explicitly for Win95/98 (SE) made. I knew beforehand that it will not work, but we did it anyway just tried on XP, what
obviously did not work.

I'm still waiting for the Windows 98 SE, which I have ordered from someone who
I only own a Windows 98 - own first edition. I think it is
run under Win98 SE better. We currently have an old PC from a 15Gbyte-
Hard drive removed, which is on Win98 SE. There we have the unofficial
Patch installed, which brings better support, and various errors
& Eliminate security vulnerabilities.

The hard drive was defragmented already. Unfortunately, all this is from its predecessor, there are so massive problems - in other words, it comes to crashes
and then the printer just disappeared once and hangs the system

We must first make a new installation from scratch, once I
Windows 98 SE was present.

One question: What experience do you have with the LMI, Bruce, in conjunction with
Windows 98? Uses its first edition or the SE version?

We also have a cable is available that the parallel port of the LMI to
USB is for PC. Can it work? So far we have not even spite driver
a USB flash drive to get running. But there are so-called universal USB driver, which we will try to reinstall again.

Bruce, I assume it refers you to the laser machine. What exactly should we
then reset? Or do you think the PC? Sorry, but you can not
quite follow. Does this mean we should change the cables and cards in the LMI
to other slots, etc.? What exactly have you changed in your machine?

The LMI has one serial and one parallel port. The serial we have never tried, since that is better suited parallel, data can be transferred faster, etc.

I thank you very much and best regards from Germany. :)


Bruce Volden
01-15-2012, 4:09 PM

By reseat I mean, unplug ALL cables going to the cards on the LMI, then plug them back on (this cleans off connections if there is oxidation on them). Also, do the same for all the cards on the LMI. I will use a pencil eraser to clean off the male connectors on the cards--this also cleans up most oxidation from the connections. My operating system is WIN 98 SE for both machines (one computer controls both LMI's). I have one machine with a serial connection and the other has a parallel connection (faster file transfers on parallel). I was told by the factory USB CANNOT be used--but never understood why, so I never attempted it. Have you checked into your machine to see if it has cutting capabilities??? Some LMI's had to be upgraded to enable cutting/vectoring.


Jens Garry
01-16-2012, 4:21 AM
Hi Bruce,

first a big thank you for your tips. I'll follow your advice.

We will try with the USB, if I about to run
get, I'll let you know immediately.
First we have to get USB support to run properly.
You even has, under Win98SE is somewhat cumbersome. So far, we have
not even get a USB flash drive to work. But there are USB-Universal
Driver, which could possibly help.

The LMI is built in '96. According to the driver or the printer control settings
is raster / Vectoring possible. We had already tried to cut at 4mm plywood. It went deeper into it after a few settings,
but was not yet cut. But I suspect we have not
had the correct settings. Was on paper with lower settings, the
Cut no problem.

Is there some kind of list where the laser for many - perhaps here in the forum -
optimal settings for the various materials available?

At least for wood, for example. Plywood would be interesting first.
But first we have to do it, that his work is not the LMI
constantly breaks down and he makes something ready.

We will check the cables and cards for your advice and clean times.
Thanks again and best regards


Jens Garry
01-24-2012, 4:27 AM

we had in the past one and a half weeks, unfortunately, not much
Time to concern ourselves too much with the LMI.

Last night I went to the neighbor and he had the rear
Paneling and unscrewed a few times connectors
released and reinserted.

Overall, it can be said that there's very clean inside rear
looks like. Virtually no dust or other. I then multiply by the
2 plug-in cards and pulled me a little closer the contact pins
viewed, and I was able to detect any impurities -
at least none worth mentioning.

My neighbor is already dreaming every night of the laser engraver. I
not, but my thoughts are quite often the cause.

The 4 times I've RAM bolt removed, inspected and re-
used. This also means that we have first to the proposal of
Bruce, with an eraser to clean the contact pins omitted.

I'll make up for but the days. We have only used it just
shall try, unfortunately without success. The LMI lastert nothing to end. I have some
struggling to calm my neighbor. Which is already on the verge
the machine is scrapped. Well, I can understand him well. He has just
not the stamina and patience as some other person. :)

We then played through once all the settings, just as what
possible. There are always discrepancies between the specification of the printer
(Laser display) on the monitor and the printer. The laser display for example, he shows
to: Over 39k of work, the number is still a little high, eg 40.1k
In the printer on the monitor remains always with the number of 39kb ...

The computer has also been completely purged again with Win98.

If you now something has changed in the print settings of the laser machine,
then occurs in some settings in the laser display an X - this means it
is a message in the form of an error message available.

In other settings the file to print but then comes to
in different sizes. 4k time, then times 22.4k, 32k, etc. then once
It was also ever 000th Also, there were already over 50k times,
but the machine can laser never end.

A bit silly for the neighbors. When he brought the machine in Berlin
or even peer-reviewed, it was shown only one piece of wood, on which
a few letters in a row standing. The machine was not
demonstrated. There was no manual here, no drivers - nothing.

My guess: The man (seller) would probably work with it even once,
but did not get along so well and he seemed to remember that some
was not functioning as it should actually. In the description was only
that the machine is running, but otherwise he could not comment.

Yesterday I could not with my brother almost laughing.
Who said that he has a friend who was a mechanical engineer and
I studied electrical engineering. That said, since you do not need Windows
95 and no Windows 98, etc. He has since programs (which?), Which
it installs and then runs the machine. : D
Well, I'm curious how the times will do then. : D

I would like to reiterate that we are using the default settings until the PWR / SP table, which must be disabled
, otherwise nothing would work.

So we will start some games the eraser and then see whether it is better
is. I hope it really helps us further. Our guess is already in the direction that the plug-in cards, connectors, etc. Perhaps the whole chip
But something is damaged. The question is: If one is damaged on the board or a component or plug-in card is not working properly - perhaps in memory error, then the laser would not work from the outset?

How is it with CorelDraw? We do not have the program. I'll join
right in assuming that you also use another program
times can send over a small graphic or CorelDraw is a basic requirement?

Thank you all very much and best regards from Germany.


Jens Garry
02-19-2012, 5:44 AM

we have points to suspect ordered 4 memory modules for the laser machine. 4x 4Mbyte. Unfortunately, this does not help brought.
Virtual memory in a PC is set to maximum.

The printer test page was the laser machine yet 1x just to finish.

Smaller pieces of text, he makes most completely finished. , Larger text files, such as the test page, then it does not work.
As he once Test site was finishing, it was great in the laser display to the 105k.

He sends, but only parts of the test page. Times are the 24k times 4k, 75k times, etc.
As much as he displays on the display, so much is also lasered only - in other words,
he speaks from then lase only the amount he has received, which is also logical.

As we recently, in another PC and others had the problem that the printer would have paper,
then I'm after some back and forth the BIOS. There must of course be set to ECP + EPP. SPP has been standard since.
That would be solved.

Last night, I still have 1.7 changed to 1.9, in the hope
it is better, but this was a fallacy. But at least it was a
Worth trying.

There are only two options after the parallel cable was replaced before.
Either the problem is caused by the PC itself - we will now test times with a commercial printer -
or it is caused by the laser machine.

With the eraser, as proposed by Bruce, we could not do, because I own in recent weeks had very little time.
I will not shake the feeling that something is wrong with your PC components in the laser.

At best, it's really just a contact thing.
The memory modules have no problem. If on the other
Components may be somewhat faulty, (cards, boards, etc.) then it is probably
problematic, something to get even.

Has anyone one way or another idea?
Thank you all very much and best regards