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Rick Potter
01-04-2012, 3:11 AM
Went camping at the Marine Corps Camp Pendleton campground near Oceanside CA. over the New Year weekend. My SIL is active duty with the CA Air guard, a weapons and camera operator on Drones used all over the world. He got three spots right on the sand, and most of the family was there.

As we left, we stopped at Sonic, on the base, for lunch. Walking back to the truck, I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk, and went down hard. My elbow has an avulsion, my leg is really banged up, and I suspect I cracked some ribs. Then I had to drive my pickup and camping trailer two hours home. By the time I got home I could hardly get out of the truck. I already have torn rotator cuffs on both sides, and was lucky they do not seem to be any worse than usual. My son had to come over and park the two trailers for me (mine and my daughters).

I am pushing 70, and am very grateful I didn't break anything. It coulda been a lot worse. I guess the kitchen cabinets can wait a little while longer.

Rick Potter

On the bright side, the weather was great, in the 70's, with no wind. The grandkids boogie boarded a lot (in 58 degree water).

Belinda Williamson
01-04-2012, 7:48 AM
Ouch! Hope you mend quickly. Cracked ribs are painful.

Sean Troy
01-04-2012, 8:36 AM
I hope you feel better quickly. Are you getting checked out at the docs?

David Helm
01-04-2012, 5:08 PM
Gotta pay attention. Falling for those of us pushing 70 (I just turned 69 myself) can be really painful. Hope you heal fast!

Bryan Morgan
01-05-2012, 1:26 AM
Went camping at the Marine Corps Camp Pendleton campground near Oceanside CA. over the New Year weekend.

Del Mar beach? I spent many summers at that campground right on the beach. I come from a Marine Corps family. Taught a bunch of country jarheads how to surf. :) Great guys. Woken up early every morning with columns of squeaky AAV-7s rumbling by. Smashing crabs with rocks out on the jetty. The boom of artillery and tank practice off in the distance. Lots of great memories at that beach. They were always doing cool stuff for the guys. Its great to surf soft sandy uncrowded places.

Sorry to hear about your tumble. At least you were at a nice relaxing place to recoup had you stayed! :)

Van Huskey
01-05-2012, 7:18 AM
Hope you mend quickly and fully!

Rick Potter
01-06-2012, 2:32 AM
Thanks for the kind words folks. I feel like a clumsy idiot.

Bryan....we camped just south of there at the San Onofre beach, which is also Marine Corps. Just above the nuclear power plant.

Rick Potter

Jerry Thompson
01-06-2012, 10:04 AM
I am in your age group. I am happiest when I take a shower in the morning and nothing falls off.