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Keith Melick
02-16-2003, 9:02 PM
I must be asking for something that does not exist. I placed this on the Power Tool Forum and no responce, so I'll try here.

I am looking, per LOML request, for plans for an old style upholstered Chaise Lounge, AKA fainting couch. One end and same side of the back is high and other end and back low. Prefer a design with finished wood on the front and top of both ends and back.

Can anyone direct me to a plan source?

Dave Arbuckle
02-17-2003, 12:33 AM
Finding plans for any overstuffed furniture is really difficult.

If you can find plans for a chair or even sofa of appropriate style could be found, adapting it to a chaise should not be very difficult. Leave off one arm, extend the seat and remaining arm.

Best of luck. If you could find a chair or sofa of the period and style with thrashed upholstery, perhaps it could be used as a life-size model?


John Miliunas
02-17-2003, 7:50 AM
I'll agree with Dave on this one. Appears like you may have to take a lead from old Norm, who seems able to duplicate most *any* period furniture. After seeing your post last evening, I did an *extensive* search, using all kinds of variables and advanced searches. Nada. I can usually find just about anything I'm looking for, but I struck out on this one. I did find one that was all wood, but nothing on the upholstery side. Good luck!

Keith Melick
02-17-2003, 4:30 PM
Dave & John

Thanks for the replys. I had also made a search and came up with nothing, but I thought on an off chance someone just might have a plan source. I may have to drop this project unless I can find an old piece, couch or chair, of the period I am looking for.

Thanks again.

John Miliunas
02-17-2003, 8:53 PM
Sorry we couldn't be of more assistance, Keith. Appears to be a pretty tall order. Still, one would think there's some archive, somewhere, which would have a plan or two. I can't hardly believe those who came before us did *everything* by the seat of their pants! Then again, you never know. Good luck and I'll keep your search in mind, just in case I run across something.:)

Randy Schaefer
02-18-2003, 12:41 AM
I dont know if this will help much.

A book "How to build 50 Classic Furniture Reproductions" by Monte Burch. It has a couple of uphosltered projects in it that you may be able to use a base for a Chaise Lounge.

Its not much of a book, the drawings are all drawn by hand and kind of confusing at times, but if you can find it at the library it might help.


Howard Barlow
02-18-2003, 12:56 AM
I've seen a few to die for. As a portrait photographer, among other things, I would kill for a nice one. The ones I've found are too expensive for my budget.

"One of theses days", I'm going to build a plywood form and build it out. I'll probably have to learn how to upholster it as well. Then I'll add some walnut to the front exterior.

I do have a small one I use to pose babies - 3 year olds. I'll post a pic so you can get an idea.

Keith Melick
02-18-2003, 11:09 AM
Randy Thanks for the Book reference, I have already done a library check and found nothing that was useful hwoever I don't think your reccomendation was there so I'll the library order it for me.
Howard My grand mother had one to die for. The high end was on the left and sloped outward at quite an angle. the wood edge was cherry sculpted with several curves with the right side dropping down to the seat level. A true old Fainting Couch. Alas a fire at the old farm house destryed all. I still have some siding from that that old house, Black Walnut with square nail holes.

Ron Jones near Indy
02-19-2003, 10:33 PM
Take your tape measure and sketch pad and head for an antique mall.

Dan Mackley
02-26-2003, 2:47 PM

I had some success finding pictures of fainting couches, but no luck on plans. My edition of SWMBO also would like one, with the left side (facing the piece) having the armrest and back. A&C style would fit our house.

If I do find a plan for this, I will be sure to provide it in this forum. In the meantime, I'm glomming onto your post with a "Me, too"! :)

Dan, Longtime BP Lurker

P.S. This is a great new forum! I like splashing around here!

Ken Frantz
03-02-2003, 8:33 PM
Hey gang--RUSTYNAIL here!!!

I just did a GOOGLES search and typed in FAINTING COUCH (sp? I ain't no goot at spellen, so pick the letters that you need to get it rite) and found this link on the first page. I just scrolled through it an saw some of the pic. Check it out further!!!!

Another of a quote from Dave Gardner about a bumper sticker;


Keith Melick
03-03-2003, 8:34 AM

Thanks for the reply. I have done several searches for Chaise Lounge and Fainting couch and as you did found a few pictures that looked promising. However, from the picture it would be difficult to determine the under structure, placement of the tacking strips etc.

I am still doing some research at the library hopefully I will find something. If I do I will post the results.

Thanks again.