View Full Version : A little help with 1 touch photo software

Chris S Martin
01-02-2012, 10:08 PM
I just purchased 1 touch. I was trying to search for some post but couldn't find what I needed. I have a 60w laser and use corel then export to lasercut 5.3. My question is. Is there anything I should do to picture before 1 touch and what are the best settings and best material to use. Then once done with 1 touch I used Corel. After done with Corel what format should I export to lasercut 5.3. I would like to do the picture in 1 touch put into Corel and then put words with picture and then put it into Lasercut and then engrave and cut. Hopefully this isn't to confusing. Thank for anything that would help.

Scott Shepherd
01-03-2012, 8:25 AM
You don't have to do anything to the photo, unless you wish to, you can save the file, import it into Corel, put all the text you want, and then send that on. Just don't resize it after you bring it into corel. You need to select the material you are engraving the photo on in 1-touch, then process it and it'll make the file for that material.