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Nick Adams
03-11-2005, 4:19 PM
Question for those doing plaques and the like. I am looking for about 10 different plaque borders. I have an order due out on wednesday of next week and there are 150 plates needing lasered. So instead of paying out the butt for pre cut bordered plaque plates I was hoping someone might have a few.

Email me at Nick@newtech-computers.com If you do. Or if You know where I can get them on very short notice. Thanks in advance. Kinda pressed for time or I would order a cd of borders.

Just needing the standard Plaque plate borders. Not scroll work types. But any would help.

Rodne Gold
03-11-2005, 4:32 PM
If you have someone who has Coreldraw , the clipart CD contains many borders, plain and otherwise.
Here's a tip when doing borders.
Borders generally increase engraving time if done as raster engraving cos the head has to travel from side to side of the plaque instead of just engraving the inside (depends on how your laser works tho , ours will only travel where the engraving is , like the head will only travel backward and forward the width of a letter if a single letter is to be engraved)
What I do with plain borders or inline type borders is do it as a vector and offset (inline/outline on some packages) them a few times to get the desired thickness , spacing them quite close. The border engraves incredibly quickly in vector mode and saves tons of time.