View Full Version : Epilog Legend 25 Watt Engraving Problem

Stephen Phipps
12-26-2011, 2:39 PM
My laser engraver was purchased second-hand a year ago and has worked very well. Recently I have had a problem with the laser miss-firing at start up. I run the job as normal but the laser will not fire until about 10 seconds into the job. If I reset the laser and start again it will fire as normal and I am simply engraving over the piece where the laser started to fire. Any ideas as to the cause of this problem?

Kim Vellore
12-26-2011, 3:29 PM
That's normal I think... each time I don't use my laser for long periods it does not fire for the first few seconds sometimes up to 30 seconds If I had not used it for months. I always run a 10 minute warmup cycle before using the laser


David Fairfield
12-26-2011, 5:09 PM
Ditto. Just be aware of it when you run your first job of the day. I put a piece of scrap in, when I see its firing, its good to go.


Joe Pelonio
12-26-2011, 5:13 PM
The longer you go without running it the longer it takes to fire. Unfortunately there is no tickle available for the Legends. You will find that it will start up faster if you run a vector cut scrap first, rather than engrave mode.

Stephen Hooper
12-27-2011, 8:44 AM
I have a small spiral vector that I run. I simply place a very small piece of scrap in the home corner and run the spiral until I can see it cutting.

Marc Pod
12-28-2011, 3:55 AM
That is completely normal. If you not run it for longer time itok. takes time to startup. Mine between 5 -60sec. I first run a vector job with power 100 speed 15 and then is everything ok.

Stephen Phipps
12-31-2011, 3:24 PM
Thanks to everyone for your comments. This is something I really had not noticed before and I have been using it for over a year now! There may be an additional problem since it does not always fire from one job to the next but after resetting the job when see it firing it fires all the time.