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Jon Olson
03-09-2005, 2:14 PM
Don't know if anyone is interested or watches the Travel Channel, ESPN, or Bravo poker contests but accross the street from my work is Bay 101 Card Club and this week they are playing a tournament which will be shown on the Travel Channels WPT show. I got to see a bunch of pros and stars (James Wood, Toby Meguire (Spiderman), Mimi Rogers, Phil Helmuth, Phil Ivey, Unibomer, and plenty of others) yesterday during my lunch when i walked over. It was pretty fun to see the play (not as interesting as the TV show--you cant see the players cards) But it was cool to see people you watch on Tv all the time. At $10,000 a seat to play, to rich for my blood.
The show should be televised in June. the finals are Friday and I'm going to try for some of the seats. This is when they film the show.:)


Chris Padilla
03-09-2005, 4:43 PM
Cool...thought you might be trying to arrange a little game here in sunny San Josey! :)

You should come see the garage-mah-hal now.... :D

Michael Perata
03-09-2005, 5:26 PM

Whose house and what day? How about a $1 & $2 game of Hold'em?

If you have a chance this weekend I'm about 98% done on my Oneida setup, swing on by.

Jon Olson
03-09-2005, 5:39 PM
Wow, this could be fun. Chris, i really do want to see the garage-maj-hal. I'll see when a good day is. If you're up to hosting a poker game, we can combine the two. i was playing a small game($.25/$.50 - We're cheap) with friends last year, but they all up and moved away, so its been me and the TV for my fix.


Chris Padilla
03-09-2005, 6:25 PM
Whoa! :) You guys are itchy, I see! :) I've got a couple buddies at work that might be interested, too. Let me see what I can pull together...my house isn't the ideal place for a game right now...maybe by the end of the summer??? :D

My garage isn't quite that done but it is all painted a nice semi-gloss white.

Next is the rest of the wiring, lights, and outlets. Then, I think the floor will be next...that'll be some work as it is a mess right now.

You guys are welcome by any time for a look...I'm usually home but gimmie a jingle or email me. It is getting done...slowly but surely.

Mike, I'd like to see the cyclone...I think my cyclone will be next after the floor is all done.

Michael Perata
03-09-2005, 6:33 PM
Jon/Chris - you are both welcome to come over.

Chris - I have some pieces and parts left over you might be able to use.