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Dave Bonde
12-16-2011, 1:30 PM
I bought my son an autographed football for Christmas on ebay placed my bid 6 days ago - won the auction today - seller sends me a message sorry football did not bring enough money :mad::mad::mad: errrrrr. I know ebay is ebay but still makes me mad. Thanks for listening Dave

Matt Meiser
12-16-2011, 1:32 PM
Send that message on to ebay. That's a definite violation of the TOS. Basically he did a reserve auction without paying you. You might not get the ball, but at least they'll stick him with the fee.

Gary Hodgin
12-16-2011, 4:15 PM
A few years back I won an Ashton smoking pipe on ebay. There were several bids but I won the auction. My guess is the auction price was about $40-50 dollars below what the seller thought it would be.

I'd planned to pay with a money order (which was acceptable) and emailed the seller to get the information. He sent back that he wanted to buff the pipe before sending it. He said the pipe caught in the buffer and was broke. I didn't believe his story, but didn't think I could do anything.

Dave Bonde
12-16-2011, 4:46 PM
Yes Matt I did forward it on to ebay

Van Huskey
12-16-2011, 7:41 PM
Get a ball and a sharpie, give it your best shot at copying said autograph and you can bet it will be as authentic as 90% of the autographs sold on eBay or most retail outlets as well. Many celebrities have made note that there were more of "their" autographs on eBay at any given time than they sign in a year. Most of the COA are 100% worthless in terms of authentication, there are some COAs that are reliable but they come from a handful of true 3rd parties that examine each signature, they will be a letter describing the article and have a real signature, not just a printed form that is completely generic in nature. I used to have an extensive autograph collection but sold it when I realized they would be worthless in a few years. Modern autographs have become a joke. Sorry end of rant.