View Full Version : Best way to put text on black onyx pendants

Luke Hartman
12-05-2011, 12:15 PM
Hello and thank You for all the help that you have given me.
I would like to put text on black onyx pendants. I have tryed it and does work but the colour when engraved with a Co2 laser does not come out all that white (I have paint filled them and when wipe the paint away you take most of the colour away also). The pendants when engraved have a blue look and I would like them to look more white. There is a paste that thermark sells that is for glass and ceramic I have not used it and would like to know what other members experience is with this product. If any one has any other experience with doing onyx I would be grate full for there imput. Onyx is a black stone that is quart,silica and moganite and is 6 to 7 hard with diamonds being the hardest at 10. Thank all Luke Hartman

Mike Null
12-05-2011, 1:05 PM
Welcome to SMC.

I haven't used the Cermark/Thermark on non metals but would be a little concerned about the high temps fracturing the onyx.

Curt Stallings
12-05-2011, 8:36 PM
I've engraved onyx pendants and it came out nice n white. With my 45 watt I engraved at 300 dpi., 65s 45p. Just wish I could find it cheaper. I got mine at LaserBits.

George M. Perzel
12-06-2011, 9:47 AM
Try Fire Mountain Gems-very reasonable.
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