View Full Version : who has setup the new 2012 DSP on a K40 and working?

walter hofmann
12-05-2011, 5:57 AM
Hi all
I have converted my K40 to the whole new 2012 DSP system from light object with stepper controller 2m5042, PWM laser supply.now I try to bring it to life the home position switches are working fin on the dispaly, but with the lasercut 5.5 2b I got a probleme if I hit the clip box or run box botton the machine brings the message " outside the size" I have set the size to just 150 x 100 even if my machine is 300x200 .

maybe someone can help me out who got it working and send a couple screen shots with there settings.

thanks and greetings

Rodne Gold
12-05-2011, 6:42 AM
Go to the rabbit laser USA website , to the tutorial sections , I'm sure you will find the answer there. I remember reading something about your problem somewhere , but did not pay a lot of attention as I dont use your package.

walter hofmann
12-05-2011, 7:43 AM
thanks rodney for the respond I try this but there is nothing in regards to the new 2012 DSP controller from light object or the probleme what I have.
I had this when there is no compl manual where you can find the actual wording ( in englis) and how to setup the whole thing
thanks anyway