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Jerry Olexa
03-06-2005, 1:53 PM
:cool: FYI LOML and I will be in Arizona next week for R&R :cool: and therefore "out of touch". Not taking a laptop as much as I love SMC. So you guys will have to survive without my astute insight into complex WW issues!! :D Any particularly challenging WW related issues, in my absence, should be referred to David Marks, Norm Abrams, Sam Malloff, Mark Singer, Jim Becker, John Miliunas etc.:) :D :cool: PS to Tyler: I will catch up on photos upon my return. Also hope LOML and I have at least half as much fun as you seem to be having in the "boat" picture. :cool: :D To all, Pls forgive my lame attempt @ humor!

Jim Becker
03-06-2005, 2:26 PM
There are a bunch of great woodworkers in AZ, Jerry...my first "visit" was with about 12 of them in the Phoenix area a few years ago and I've continued the practice ever since in my travels. If you post where you are going to be, folks can also guide you to "must see" things. BTW, take along a copy of "Hidden Arizona", available at any good book store. This series is wonderful for finding things off the beaten path, including less-touristy attractions and great food in places you'd likely drive by without a clue...

Tim Morton
03-06-2005, 3:55 PM
enjoy the desert Jerry!! Nothing better than the warm dry heat of the desert to wash away the stresses of the daily grind ...I say!!
As for the humor...I'll go back and reread your first post...must have missed it first time through :D


Frank Pellow
03-06-2005, 4:52 PM
Have fun Jerry. :) I

n April, Margaret and I will be spending 3 weeks driving through Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona (and I too will not be taking a laptop with me). :D

Joe Mioux
03-06-2005, 5:46 PM
Jerry, Enjoy your time in AZ and safe travels.


Jeff Sudmeier
03-06-2005, 7:41 PM
Jerry, have fun in AZ, I am sure you won't miss our weather! Take lots of pics!

Michael Ballent
03-07-2005, 12:58 PM
Or you can just ask a local ;)

Rob Littleton
03-07-2005, 3:12 PM
hmmm, is Glendale still considered Arizona :-D