View Full Version : Which lenses do you use?

Uros Sovilj
11-12-2011, 4:47 PM
Since i have to order new tube from China i was thinking to add some lenses to the order. They are cheap and donít add nothing to shipping costs. On the other hand why to spend money on things you then never use. I am now using 40, 50 and 55mm lenses and was thinking to order 70 and 100mm lenses. I in general don't cut thick stuff. So the question is, are you using long focal distance lenses and if in what cases.

Rich Harman
11-12-2011, 6:12 PM
Does Shenhui offer 100mm lenses? Last time I asked F7 was the longest focal length that they had.

I currently use 50mm. When I install my beam expander I will go to 70mm. If I can develop a slick way of doing it I will make the beam expander so that it can be easily removed and replaced so that I can use the benefit of the 70mm lens's greater DOF for cutting thicker materials. With the beam expander in place the 70mm lens will have a smaller spot size and it will be more consistent everywhere on the table, but the DOF will suffer. I would certainly be interested in trying the 100mm lens too.

Uros Sovilj
11-13-2011, 4:35 AM
Looks like they are offering 100mm. I got quotation for it 40 usd 18mm dia. i will take one if not for else for testing it.