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Jiten Patel
11-06-2011, 6:23 AM
Hi Folks,

I need some advise on a sign I need made. We have been accepted into the best and most prestigious wedding show in the UK and need our stand to look AMAZING! Now some of our competitors are already at this show and we need to stand out from the crowd!

We usually just cut out logo from acrylic and mount this on the stand panels, works great, looks great! Only problem is one of these competitors also does this. Now because we are the "new kids on the block!" we cannot do the same so need to some up with something that is unique, looks incredible and doest bankrupt me!

I love edge lit, but the OH doesnt think it suits out brand and to some extent I agree. Thinking of something really classy and elegant. materials could be wood, acrylic, glass....just not sure as this isnt my area of expertise and I know there are lots of sign makers here, so any help/advise/ideas would be great!

Joe Pelonio
11-06-2011, 10:08 AM
For that venue I would consider some of these ideas:

1. Sandblasted lettering/graphics on glass
2. Mount acrylic lettering onto mirror acrylic
3. Mount Mirror Acrylic lettering onto Black 6mm PVC board
4. Acrylic lettering mounted onto brushed stainless steel
5. Waterjet cut letters made of brushed aluminum mounted on black 3mm PVC (metal face, black edges)
Mount on 1/4" black 6mm PVC or matte black acrylic
6. An alternative to edge-lit is to cut the letters out of the background piece, with a 1/4" inside contour. When mounting
the letters stand off 1/4" using 3-4 small round pieces of acrylic glued on, and backlight with fluorescents so the light comes out around the edges of the letters.

For a job like this it's well worth the time/cost to do a small sample to see how it looks before doing the actual sign.

Rodne Gold
11-06-2011, 10:26 AM
I would do something 3dish with your filligree work , ie something built up incorporating your materials you use , what exactly is the area you are working with and what does the sign say, do you have a logo etc? Post it here and lets have a look. Maybe your lettering cut in filligree gold or silver card and a 2" or so filligree built up section on its edges to raise it , back light the whole thing.

Jiten Patel
11-07-2011, 4:16 AM
Hi Guys, Thank you for the suggestions. I love the halo lit signs but think it will be a little over the top. The stand is 3mx2m (made up of 1m panels) with 2 open sides. The sign needs to be mounted on the 3m wall (middle Panel) so no more than 900mm wide. It is simply our logo/company name which I have attached. The whole stand is going to be black - shelves will be black tinted acrylic, mounted to be floating shelves with a design engraved into them. So the sign needs to match - I like the idea of black and chrome, matches the rest of the stand, looks classic and expensive! Hopefully won't break the bank as I cannot do that on my laser - galvos are great for speed but very limited in application! Cutting acrylic is hard work and well to put it bluntley looks crap!