View Full Version : Air hose connectors - types? -O-rings?

Stephen Tashiro
11-03-2011, 7:57 PM
Some air hose connectors (the male connectors that fit into the quick-connect fittings) say "automotive" on their package and some say "industrial". What is the difference between them?

Fittings for the female quick-connect usually have o-rings or some sort of rubber seal where you attach them to the hose. The male connectors that fit into the quick connect typically aren't sold with an o-ring in the female end, which attaches to the hose. Is it good to put an o-ring in there?

Don Wacker
11-03-2011, 8:18 PM
They are pipe thread no oring needed, just tape. The automotive ones are best for 3/8 or smaller hose. It really doesnt matter if you buy universal female couplers then you can use any hose fitting.Don

Jerome Stanek
11-04-2011, 7:53 AM
There are different types of connecters that look alike be sure you buy the same type. Some have a longer shank in front of the bead some have a different diameter shank some have a bigger bead

Rick Potter
11-04-2011, 11:39 AM
I have noticed that the quick snap type fittings you plug into are not all the same. Some have three ball bearings inside (where you can see them), some have four. I actually picked up some with six. They are Bostich 'industrial' fittings, on sale at a Black & Decker outlet store. I assume the more they have, the better, as the three bearing units were from HF.

Rick Potter

Jerome Stanek
11-04-2011, 1:00 PM
Here is a web page that list some of the different types.

http://www.nycoil.com/Catelog/Nycoil%20Coupling%20Brouchure%20final%20version.pd f

Dan Andrews
11-06-2011, 7:10 PM
Thanks for the link to nycoil Jerome. Very helpful. I have fittings that are not compatable with most other peoples fittings. I have had a problem borrowing or lending air tools until I bought a more common female coupling and put one of my male plugs into the threaded/inlet side of it . Now I can borrow:)

Now I also know the type that mine is if I need to buy more.