View Full Version : Doll house vector

Laurynas Savickis
10-29-2011, 2:40 PM
If any one wants to try.I did cut it out of 4mm MDF and have it assembled.No errors or missing parts.Have it imported in to corel in metric units and reduced size to 98%.Thats a corect setup for 4mm material.Found it on google skechup.It takes about an hour to assemble.Its not finished in the photo,there are more window frames,doors etc.

Peter Odell
10-29-2011, 3:43 PM
That looks like one of Laserbuz doll houses

Keith Outten
10-29-2011, 8:19 PM
It was reported to me that the file that was attached for the doll house was owned by LaserBuzz.
The file has been removed and this thread will be locked until the ownership of the file can be determined.
If you have previously downloaded the Doll House File please consider the rights of its owner and don't use or share it with anyone.