View Full Version : Epilog Power & Speed Setting Question

Martin Boekers
10-29-2011, 2:17 PM
I have been thinking about this and don't recall it ever being addressed.
Since I run Epilogs and not another manufacturer, we'll work with that.

Are the settings linear? What I mean by that is if I have a 75watt
laser and run it at 50% pwr is the pwr level equal to 37.5watts?

On the other side would say if I have a 40watt laser and run the speed at
50% would that be similar to a 80watt machine at 100%?

Gary Hair
10-29-2011, 2:54 PM
Are the settings linear?

In theory, yes, in reality, no. I think you got the other question backwards, but the answer will be the same as the first - no. You can use the numbers as a starting point but they won't be precise. For example - if I have a particular job that runs at 50% power (of my 30W total) and 10% speed (of 80ips in raster mode), then you should be able to determine your starting values for your laser based on 15 watts (50% of 30 W) and 8ips (10% of 80ips) - that should get you about 20% power (20% of 75 = 15) and 10% speed (I believe your Epilog is about 80ips also). Those settings may work for you, maybe not, but it will give you a place to start.


Joe Pelonio
10-29-2011, 3:07 PM
I'm getting a headache reading this thread.:p

There are so many variables involved, when I started in 2006 I just ran a whole lot of tests and wrote down the best settings for every material and thickness, and added to them over the years as new items came up. Then when I got a new tube that had more power had to do it all over again.

Martin Boekers
10-29-2011, 5:43 PM
Joe, I feel your pain!

I try to teach my co-workers that this process is "fluid", sort
of like guiding a boat down a river. We have some start points
that get you close, you can get "acceptable" results give or take 20%
differences, but as you said soooooo many variables, even down to temp
and humidity. Even after months of training I sometimes get the response
"this engraving isn't right, I used the same settings as yesterday" Taking
out a lens usually brings the point home. The lens is dirty! Every once
in a while a bumped air assist nozzle blocks the beam. Mostly simple
things. It seems that too many don't take the setting suggestions as just
that , a suggestion. They can and do change.

I was just curious about the guide points on the settings, and if the also
stay consistent and proportional.

Now take two aspirin and post again in the morning! :-)

Michael Hunter
10-29-2011, 6:46 PM
The manual is in the workshop, but I think that the speed setting is intended to be non-linear on Epilogs, whereas the power is linear(-ish).
Makes the sort of comparison you are asking about almost impossible!

On my machine I recon that a speed setting of around 30 to 35% gives an actual speed of about half the maximum. (This is by rough timing and feel - not anything technical, you understand).