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Mike Fitterling
03-02-2005, 3:42 PM
Things are progressing with the "2005 Wood-Hoe Down." We have 30 attendees so far, including myself and guests. The shop is semi-clean and organized. No one from Sawmill Creek yet is on the list, hope some of you can make it.

We have beer and softdrinks, ribs, beans, paper goods and name tags covered (and venison--I have discovered how to cook it so it falls off the bone). We still need volunteers for some other foods. Anyone want to bring some other stuff? Suggestions: coleslaw, pasta salad, chips etc, potato salad, dessert, corn on the cob, etc.

We have a few extra chairs here, but if you have some folding lawn chairs you could bring for yourselves, that would be helpful. I think we are set on serving tables. If anyone needs to stay the night before going home because of distance, etc., we can accomodate a couple small RVs or you can camp in the yard.

Rod Peterson has offered to bring his Jet mini lathe in case anyone wants to give it a try. Anyone want to show us how to turn pens? We could do a scary sharp or how to turn a burr on a scraper demo, if anyone is interested. Ray Fluitsma, from Brandon, is going to bring some Steve Knight planes, in case anyone wants to try them out first hand.

Todd O. Cronkhite, from Jacksonville, has donated a couple Stanley mitre boxes to the cause--a 50 1/2 and a 60 (no saws)--maybe a galoot door prize?

The party is weekend after next (the 12th of March), so if you would email me soon letting me know what you can bring or what you can demo, that would help greatly. Anyone wanting to meet up the day before at the Orlando Woodworking Show, I will be at the entrance at 1 PM wearing my Woodcentral hat.

So far, I have down those who are coming as:
Knot Haid and guests-Woodnet
Joe in Tampa/woodtoolguy-Woodnet
bob - Florida and guest-Woodnet
Rod Peterson-Woodcentral
Todd O. Cronkhite (of Maine)-Woodcentral
Goatman and guest-Woodnet
Ruffturn and guest-Woodnet
Ray Fluitsma and guests-Woodnet and Woodcentral
jstraw-White Stone, Virginia-Woodnet

and, of course, all my extended family will try to sneak in quietly and steal some ribs! Be on the watch for those rascals.

If you are not on the list and want to attend, please let me know you'd like to come as soon as possible. You are more than welcome to come.

My email is mgeditor@lostclassicsbooks.com (mgeditor@lostclassicsbooks.com)

Directions, courtesy of Rod Peterson: http://woodbutcher.net/fitterling/