View Full Version : Ap lasers

Jerry Richards
10-27-2011, 9:29 AM
Does any one own a ap laser? if so how do you like it .I will be engraving granite monuments

john mach
11-20-2011, 12:16 PM
We bought the smallest one they sell & I've had great luck with it.I didn't get any training on it (didn't have time to go to Lansing for 3 days) but was able to figure it out pretty quickly once i was able to find out what things like scan gap & such are.The lasercut software that comes with it is pretty user friendly by itself but using it through coral or illustrator makes it much easier,but you'll probably want to get the photograv software they offer too,if you're wanting to engrave pictures,it makes it a lot quicker.Also Ap Lazer is owned by a company called Supernova which specializes in granite tombstones & such so they have a lot of experience with it & really good prices on it,if you want to buy it from them.I definitely recommend getting the exhaust with it because it really cuts down on the dust & smell.The rotary attachment is a great accessory to have too.

Keith Outten
11-22-2011, 5:08 AM
I own an APLazer.
Its a 40" by 24" 80 watt machine that was built for engraving monuments. The design is unlike any other machine in the business, the unique way that the top of the machine can be lifted off of the base and used to engrave very large projects is definately the hot setup for large granite and stone monuments plus large glass panels and marble floors.