View Full Version : Differences between 35w, 40w, 45w Epilog

Bob Belt
02-26-2005, 7:17 PM
Hi Everyone,
Another newbie here at SMC with more laser questions. I want to say first I'm so grateful to have found this forum. There is some real mind blowing info here, and it seems there are alot of wonderful people trying to help others. God bless all of you.
My question deals with the power of laser units. My wife and I starting up a small home business engraving photos on marble/granite and some wood and various other things. I was just wondering if there is any real difference in the power levels the different maching offer? Why should I choose a 40w over a 35w, or a 45w over a 35w or 40w? There is certainly a difference in price, but am I going to sacrifice anything by going with the lower power unit?
Thanks again, and I'm sure the questions have only just begun.

Keith Outten
02-26-2005, 8:00 PM

Higher power units will allow you to vector cut thicker materials and reduce the time it takes to engrave each job. When you cut the engraving time you get more done each day.

Mike Mackenzie
02-28-2005, 2:18 PM

The power of the laser tube is very material dependent. Really higher power lasers Will only be good for power hungry materials such as wood, rubber, and of course Vector cutting.

It allows you to cut thicker and engrave deeper FASTER thats it. On materials that don't require any power to engrave like marble, plastics, ETC. It makes no difference at all.

You should check into the cost to upgrade at a later date. Just because you may start out with a 30 watt laser tube does not mean you won't be able to do what you want. it just means that you will run those products a little slower to get the depth needed or wanted.

The thickness of vector cutting is also dependent upon focal range if you go out of focus your cutting will not be as good even with higher power lasers but it helps. Don't think that by getting more power will help cut twice as thick thats not going to work however you will be able to cut the same thickness faster and be able to cut a little thicker slower.

You should also ask them how much actual laser power will you get from a 30 watt laser tube. Chances are you should get at least 35+ watts from a 30 watt laser so why pay extra for something you will already get.