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James Mittlefehldt
02-24-2005, 5:40 AM
I was looking at Martin Donnely's Tuesday list yesterday, (I hope that site is okay to mention, apologies if it isn't.) and one item for sale caught my attention. It was a mint condition 06 Ohio Tool plane. Apparently according to the ad that is a rare number in Ohio Tool and therfore given the condition worth much. ie $335.

I was wondering if that site caters to mainly collectors and therefore it has somewhat inflated prices. The reason I wondered is I have a No. 06 Ohio Tool plane except due to an extremely unfortunate accident the main body is in two pieces due to a collision with a concrete floor. My wife had bought it at a garage sale for me at $15, and it performed beautifully.

So tell me that site has exagerated prices right, lie to me if you have to.

Dave Anderson NH
02-24-2005, 9:21 AM
Martin is probably the largest of the old tool auctioneers and sellers around followed closely by Clarence Blanchard from Fine Tool Journal. You are correct in your assumption that his pricing is a bit high. Remember that he is both promoting and selling so things are viewed from a rosy perspective. If you look at the pictures on his auctions you will find that when the actual items are viewed in real life they don't look as good. I have always suspected that he brightens the pictures to make stuff look better than it is. I have bought quite a bit from the auctions over the years, but would never consider doing so as an absentee bidder. As always, remember that the operative mode when buying old tools anywhere is-- caveat emptor. When you look at the estimated selling prices he expects to realize in his auctions, they are always "optimistic". My experience has been that most go at lower prices unless someone gets into a bidding war.

Bart Leetch
02-24-2005, 11:44 AM
Thanks Dave

That advice just re-enforces how I feel.

1.I don't purchase anything on line at all. But I do get the phone # on line & call to make purchases. But it has to be a known retailer ( someone I've been aware of & know about due to recommendations from someone I trust).

I like to hold hand tools especially used ones in my hands & examine them in detail. Even then I can make mistakes.

I have several old planes that I like. I would like to pick up a reasonable priced set of socket type standard chisels & 1 or 2 mortise chisels. Sorry I won't spend a mint on these items. I'd even consider buying socket chisels without the handles as long as the metal socket is not all hammered & mushroomed. I don't mind turning handles.

I hope to collect a reasonable set of hand tools a little at a time & then take some classes on hand tool use & would like to take my own tools all nice & sharp with me when I do.

I do have an inexpensive set of chisels from Ace Hardware that are made by Buck that seem to hold an edge pretty well. Although I assume when I get a real good set the Buck won't compare.

James Mittlefehldt
02-24-2005, 3:14 PM
Thanks Dave that makes me feel a bit better. While I am at it though I have heard of planes being welded when this happens, I know it would destroy the salability but I didn't want to sell it in the first place. If welded back together are planes still able to be used or would it throw it out of square so bad as to make it useless?

Dave Anderson NH
02-24-2005, 4:29 PM
Planes can be welded, but it's a very dicey proposition since they are mostly cast iron and prone to warping. It takes some fixturing and a very skilled welder who has cast iron experience. Perhaps a better and easier solution would be brazing.