View Full Version : Corel/Text Question

Bob Kline
08-29-2011, 3:10 PM
I have a customer who wants a piece of acrylic, engraved on the back, with a shadow image (letter "K") over the text. Is there a way in Corel 3 to change the "K" so it engraves lighter without totally obscuring portions of the underlying text?

Bruce Clumpner
08-29-2011, 3:28 PM
One way is to put an outline on the text so that there's a non-engraved border around the text that's covered by the K. One method is simply play with the outline formatting so you get the effect you want. Another is to use the contour feature fairly close to the text object.

John Noell
08-29-2011, 3:44 PM
Colors/shades engrave differently. So, if you make the text black and the K a lighter shade you will get a "lighter" cross-hatched effect on the K. However, it is not the most attractive look IMO. The basic idea of what you want is easy. Making it look attractive may be a bit harder.

Mike Null
08-29-2011, 6:21 PM
There is a feature in the color fill flyout called post script fill. Change the letters to curves and find a fill you like or make one. For example you can make hatched lines or fishes scales and dozens of other things.

Glen Monaghan
08-31-2011, 11:21 AM
As others mentioned, you could try adjusting colors/shades to get the "K" to be a light etch or some sort of cross hatch/dither. If you have a 3D option (as some newer lasers do), you could set the text black and the "K" a light gray to make the text etch deep while the "K" was a light, slightly frosted etching. Or, lacking that, maybe a two-step process of first etching the "K" at low power to just frost it in, then engraving the text at higher power for a deeper engraving? If you want more separation between the "K" and text, Bruce's suggestions about a non-engraved border seems like a good idea...