View Full Version : 3D Engraving on Shenhui Lasers

Khalid Nazim
08-29-2011, 9:56 AM
Is there a way to do 3 dimensional laser engraving on Shenhui Lasers? I was looking at a video from Pinnacle Laser and they were mentioning that their machine can engrave 3D images by using different shades of grey to determine the variation in depth needed to make a 3D image. It seemed like a software option and I was wondering how you can achieve the same on a Shenhui or any chinese laser.


PS. I am just about to order my first laser - A Shenhui GH-690 80 watt - thanks to all the support that I received from Rodney and others.

Rodne Gold
08-30-2011, 8:08 AM
There seems to be some way , its garbled in the manual and I'm not sure whether it applys to some sort of 3d engraving or stamp shoulders. 3d engraving is hardly used by most ppl , some here do use it , but in general its not a dealbreaker if you dont have