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Wayne Grecco
08-13-2011, 8:41 PM
To all,

I am still very new to the laser engraving world so I am hoping someone can help me out. I have a problem and then a question...

1) PROBLEM- I used the spray on CERMARK tile spray and sprayed a 4" ceramic tile that I bought at LOWES today. I coated the tile with a good coat and then laser engraved the NAVY LOGO as shown in the attached photo. If you look at the bottom right of the photo you will see a spot that I marked where the black CERMARK did not stick well and is coming off. What would make it do this? I have a 45 watt Mini 18 and used the settings 45 speed and 100 power.

2) QUESTION- I bought the mirrored style ornaments from LASERBITS. Do I NEED to use CERMARK to laser engrave these or can I just laser on the ornament without putting anything on it first?

Thank you all for the anticipated assistance. You guys (and gals) are great!

Wayne G.

Dee Gallo
08-13-2011, 10:51 PM
Hi Wayne,

Welcome to the Creek and the wonderful world of laser engraving! I have a question for you: did you clean the tile before applying cermark?

If so, did you touch the tile face at any time after cleaning? If so, you could have oil resist affecting the adhesion of the cermark. I have found it to be sensitive to this on ceramic tile.

Of course this could be caused by other factors such as uneven coating, a funny spot in your encoder strip, or something else, but I always eliminate the simple and obvious first.

cheers, dee

Frank Corker
08-14-2011, 7:21 AM
Also check to see if your laser bed is level - if it tilts downwards because the honeycomb may have been dented by heavier objects it might be going out of focus.

George M. Perzel
08-14-2011, 8:13 AM
Hi Wayne;
Welcome to SMC-a lot of helpful info and folks here. I think Dee is right-thats where you grabbed it with your thumb and forefinger prior to applying the cermark.
Good Luck
Best Regards,

Ron Fairbanks
08-14-2011, 11:59 AM
Yes clean, degrease and dry well before using Cermark/Thermark. Many tiles are packaged with a wax like substance to help in cushioning the tile. This is removed during the grouting process in normal tile setting. It can be a pain to remove and I have found that good quality natural citrus cleaners work the best.

Wayne Grecco
08-15-2011, 7:33 PM
To all that replied...
Thank you.. to answer your question.. no I did not clean the tile before applying the Cermark. I didnt realize I had to (thats the NEWBIE in me). The other thing I am thinking is that I think I only let the Cermark dry for about 10 minutes. Is this long enough? Or should I have waited longer?

So the citrus cleaners are what I should use to clean the tiles? Any one of them specifically?

Thanks again all!

Dee Gallo
08-15-2011, 7:39 PM

I do not use a citrus cleaner, just dish soap and water and a scrubbie. Just make sure there is no residue left over after cleaning and drying...and don't touch!!! But any cleaner is going to be better than none.

I usually just let the Cermark dry a minute or two and then hit it with a hairdryer. Takes a few minutes,not an hour. You can see the change happening.

cheers, dee

Ron Fairbanks
08-15-2011, 8:21 PM
Hard to tell on the Cermark dry time as it all depends on temp and humidity but 10 minutes should be plenty of time. I've been using Nature's Orange cleaner/degreaser for awhile now and find it does everything I need it to and more. It will soften labels on glass so you can peel them off in under a minute and a second spray and wipe removes all the adhesive, all without toxins or harsh smell. The label says Carroll Company Garland, TX but I buy it at Orchard Supply here in California.

Mike Null
08-16-2011, 6:14 AM

There are certain plastics that stuff will attack. Be a little careful. I use it to remove sublimation toner and it's excellent.

Mike Mackenzie
08-16-2011, 1:37 PM
A trick I learned when using cermark on ceramics is the coating needs to be a very thin even coat. We did a bunch of plates once and had this exact problem even with cleaning and proper handling. What we ended up doing was to warm the ceramic up in the microwave(20-30 seconds) and then airbrush the cermark. With the ceramic a little warm the cermark dried very quickly and very evenly. The rest of the plates came out perfect so it might be worth the try.

Dee Gallo
08-16-2011, 4:31 PM
Mike is right about citrus cleaners attacking plastics. I work with Bakelite and Catalin a lot and found De-Solve-It to be safe, but Amazing Orange will discolor the plastic big time (like changing from white to maroon) Test first!