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Larry Robinson
08-06-2011, 2:33 PM
Hopefully somebody out there has some knowledge of these.

I want to print designs using various translucent colors on clear acrylic. The remainder
of the area will be non-translucent Black. The area behind the design will then
be backlit allowing the non-Black areas to "lightup".

Are UV Printers a good choice for doing this?


AL Ursich
08-18-2011, 6:13 PM
I am dreaming of having a flatbed printer someday.... I would ask for samples from the various sales reps... I have some samples on the way and I am sending some material like Glow in the Dark to them to print.

Mild Solvent Pigment Inks might fit your need... They are not UV Cure but another approach. I was looking at Direct Jet 2-17 but no white.... Others they sell have white. The other dream machine is the UJF-3042 UV Cure.

Good Luck,


Martin Boekers
08-18-2011, 8:28 PM
I worked in the trade show graphics industry for years. We used to print to transparent film and laminate to plex.
These were photographic prints (am I showing my age? ;-) The blacks weren't a deep black so you didn't want to
hit it with too much back light. Also we laminated a frosted sheet to the back (or laminated to a milk plex). Some
materials we bought already had a "frosted coating" (it was called Dura Trans).

So it you want to play around and make some testing pieces to see if you thoughts work there are a couple things to do.

Check these guys out

www.papilio.com/inkjet adhesive transparency clear film media.html (http://www.papilio.com/inkjet adhesive transparency clear film media.html)

They have an amazing selection of materials.

But this will give you chance to see it.

Check this out to,
www.qlt.com/biz/c3.html (http://www.qlt.com/biz/c3.html)

There are a handful of manufactures for this type of machine.

Check with Rodne Gold as I believe he purchased something similar in China.