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Gregor Irsic
08-04-2011, 5:32 AM

I'd really like to share my laser engraver buying story with you. Perhaps it might be useful.

For last few months I was considering which laser should I buy? I was reading this forum all over and I most admit that it was very useful. So thanks to all contributors that shared all their experiences with us.

At first I had to decide to go with Chinese laser or should I buy some of more reputable brand like Epilog, Trotec etc. But the mentioned brands were way above my budget, so I decided to go with one of the Chinese lasers, because the engraver is for my hobby only, and for now my living don’t depend on it.

So next step wasn’t quite easy. How to decide which engraver to buy. And from who to buy.

Should I buy it from local reseller or import it by my self. I’m from Slovenia , and here we have only few resellers and they really charge too much (manufacturers price 3000 USD and reseller’s price 8000 USD for exactly the same model), I decided to import machine by myself and take all the risk.

And now let’s go in to the war with China:
In last few months I’ve spend a lot of hours in front of my PC, read a tone of mails, chatted over trade manager, looking at the photographs etc. etc. And had some good and some really bad experiences.
There was a guy named GC, who tried to sell me the engraver at half price, just before Chinese New Year, and after New Year his firm disappeared from the earth. So you should be really careful.
There were few firms like KING RABBIT and WKLASER to who I’ve send a few mails, but didn’t receive any replies. Ever!
I’d also like to tell you about a lady (B.W.) at Shenhui Laser, who I had to beg for a week to send me the technical data and prices, because she didn’t believe me that I want to buy the machine (so you really shouldn’t buy from her).

After months of researching I got down to two manufacturers and two models.
I was deciding between Morntech 3050D and JQLaser JQ4030.
I was leaning more towards Morntech, but I found a local reseller for JQ Laser who sells the machines for a fair price. So I decided for JQ Laser because of local support, delivery, warranty, training.

Within all this process I’ve known two persons who I consider more like friends than business partners.

Jack Song from Morntech. He’s really nice man. He helped me a lot. He gave me answers for really odd question, also about other brands. He also done some research for me. So if you’re thinking about Morntech laser you should contact him mornh at morntech.com
Carol Mu from JQLaser. She is really very, very pleasant woman. Although I haven’t bought laser directly from her, because my local reseller have other contact, and she knew that all the credits will took by her coworker, she answered all my questions (a lot of them). So Again THANK YOU CAROL.
So for JQ Laser you should contact Carol jqlaser18 at jqlaser.com, you will not regret.

Yes and few weeks ago my machine finally arrived.

Soon you can expect detailed review of JQ 4030.

BTW sorry for my a bit rusty english.:)

Martin Coetzee
08-05-2011, 5:31 AM
Hi Gregor,

I am in exactly the same boat.
I am at retirement age and have decided to keep myself busy and amongst other things decided to buy a laser to do some engraving and cutting and earn a few bucks in the process as well.
I have looked around and on the advice from Rodney Gold decided to go for the Shenhui Laser and so far during negotiations I have found them to be very helpful and the price and delivery seems good.
I have been in the EDM wire cutting game now for the past 30 years and I guess I have a fair idea about cutting and sparking steel but I am sure the laser engraving is going to be a learning curve for me. I know very little about lasers but at least the concept is not new to me.
I should be ordering my machine, 80 watt 800mmx1200mm in the next week or two and then the long wait for the machine to arrive at my home town in South Africa.
After that...............who knows ?

Gregor Irsic
08-06-2011, 4:58 AM
Hi Gregor,

... but I am sure the laser engraving is going to be a learning curve for me. I know very little about lasers but at least the concept is not new to me...

Welcome to the laser learning curve...

There are few sites you should visit:

Similar to this one, but more general about cnc (treasury of knowledge)

Ray Scott's page (Unselfish man who sales Rabbit Lasers, with many useful tips and tricks)
http://www.rabbitlaserusa.com/ (http://www.rabbitlaserusa.com)

And page dedicated to chinese laser owners

I wish you many satisfaction with your new toy...

Martin Boekers
08-06-2011, 6:00 PM
The laser is the easiest of the learning curve. Learning the software to become proficient is the harder part
Esp if you don't have a graphics background.