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Guy Kowalski
04-18-2003, 10:29 PM
Howdy, all. I am new around here. My name is Guy and I have been woodworking for a very long time. I guess it was in the genes because my dad was a cabinet maker. I also run a woodworking forum if anybody cares to have a peek. Just click my site below. I joined here because I love to talk woodworking. Drives the LOML crazy. She can't complain too much because she is an avid wood turner. When I am not at work or in the shop, I talk woodworking. I always learn something new and help others if I can. Well gents, I looking forward to chatt'in with you all. God Bless and I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.

Jim Baker
04-18-2003, 10:40 PM
Welcome to the Creek, Guy. I hope you enjoy it here as much as I have.

04-19-2003, 2:09 AM
Hi Guy,

Nice to see another NY'er coming out of hibernation. About time the snow stopped huh!?

Just so you know, DON'T refer to your site. Otherwise your post will be deleted, I know from experience. They seem to think everybody that mentions their own site is out to take their money. I don't know why?? I guess supposedly some members get offend with the mentioning of one's own site. It is causing a big friggin stink. Someday they will be coming out with posted rules, so everybody knows what they can and can't do. So becareful or members(?) might complain?

Anyway welcome, have fun, enjoy yourself, and all that jazz..

Ken Salisbury
04-19-2003, 8:27 AM
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<IMG src="http://www.klsal.com/welcomeplane.gif">

Tom Sweeney
04-19-2003, 9:56 AM
Welcome to the Creek! I think you'll like it here. Lots of great people & great advice. The forum is pretty new and we already have almost 1,000 members.

There is some really great WW'ing Knowledge here - not me but others :rolleyes:

The folks that run the place are really great & are working hard to make this a great community. :cool: :D

Von Bickley
04-20-2003, 3:24 PM
Hi Guy,

Glad to see you joining us. I'm sure you will enjoy visiting at the creek. Lots of good people that enjoy wood working.

Guy Kowalski
04-20-2003, 10:09 PM
Thanks all for the warm welcome. I have a free woodworking forum also but I understand I am not allowed to mention the name or URL here. This is not my forum so I will abide by the admins wishes. If someone is interested please send me an email. I am here not to promote my site but talk woodworking. I came by this site because I saw one of the members built a pretty neat slot mortiser. I am in the midst of doing the same thing. Although I am making one totally out of metal. I have a life long buddy who is into metal working as much as I am into woodworking. He has a huge Bridgeport mill, metal lathe and other metal working tools in his gararge. He is going to teach me how to use them to make the machine. I have already invested in some linear shafts and bearings and am ready to get started. Well thats about it. Happy Easter to all.