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Bruce Foley
02-17-2005, 12:38 PM
Hi Folks,
I have about 6 hours to kill Sunday in Phoenix waiting for a flight. Could any of those familiar with the area point out some places of WW interest?

Would like to meet some of you if possible, although weekends are usually busy with family. Any ideas?

Bruce Foley
Livingston, MT

Doug Shepard
02-17-2005, 12:51 PM
I don't live there, but have relatives there that I've visited. WoodWorkers Source is out there. http://www.woodworkerssource.net/index.php
I was out nearer Mesa, and Surprise and went to their store more to the north of Phoenix. Apparently the one they do all the mail order business from is somewhere pretty close to downtown and the airport.

Shari Loveless
02-17-2005, 1:47 PM

Too bad you only have 6 hours. Personally, I don't know of much in the valley area that is fun. Now days you spend all your time fighting traffic. There are lots of fun areas to visit outside the metro area. We have been in our area (the White Mountains) for six generations of our family. We have quads and a jeep so we have been on almost every two track in the state. Next time you are in the state, and have a little more time, let us know. Maybe we can show you some of the "better" off the beaten path sites. Not too many people know Arizona is not all cactus and desert. We have a lot of mountains, lakes, and pine trees as well. And of course....The Grand Canyon!!!!
Maybe there is someone in the metro area who is a member of this forum. They could probably meet with you and take you to some shopping places or just visit and share stories. It is a three hour drive one way from my place, so don't think that is much of an option.
Good luck on your adventure!

Brian Austin
02-17-2005, 3:21 PM
Woodworkers Source is not open on Sundays.

There is a new Woodcraft about 20 minutes from the airport, in Chandler. Nice folks there with standard Woodcraft stock plus a few extra tools.

Sundays are actually fairly light in woodworking retail outlets around Phoenix. Most places are closed. There are some galleries up in Scottsdale but, to be honest, you'd be hard pressed to fly in, get a ride up there, enjoy the gallery and make it back through airport security on a Sunday in six hours.

Michael Ballent
02-17-2005, 3:43 PM
There is also Rockler, but I have to agree with Brian. You would be hard pressed to make it there and back in time. I live out on the west side of town, about 30-45 minutes from the airport depending on the traffic.

Jerry Olexa
02-19-2005, 11:17 AM
LOML and myself will be there 2nd week in March and I hope to sneak away for a little free time. Where is WW Supply? We will be in the Scottsdale area and have to go to Tuscon for 2-3 days. Any other WW retailers other than Woodcraft and Rockler? Thanks a lot.

Brian Austin
02-19-2005, 8:54 PM
LOML and myself will be there 2nd week in March and I hope to sneak away for a little free time. Where is WW Supply? We will be in the Scottsdale area and have to go to Tuscon for 2-3 days. Any other WW retailers other than Woodcraft and Rockler? Thanks a lot.
Woodworkers Source has a website at http://www.woodworkersource.net/ for their locations. Nearest one to the airport is on 40th Street. They have a new 'flagship' store on I-17 near Union Hills. Lots and lots of exotics.

Timber Woodworking is on Southern near Stapley? or Mesa Drive (I can never remember). Big selection of woods in one store and new and used tools in another store (next door to each other).

Chandler Hardwoods is nearby but I've never been there. I've heard good things about it, though.

If you're heading to Tucson and want to see some interesting designs, hit the art district. Also look for several large custom furniture showrooms. Nice selection of Craftsman furniture in the area.

You could visit Taliesin West if you're into Frank Lloyd Wright at all. Scottsdale, off of Shea near Fountain Hills. As long as you're in Scottsdale, hit the galleries for some interesting stuff.

Can't think of anything else off the top of my head but I'll add some more if I do. Hopefully the rains will have died down. Bring a camera with lots of film or storage cards. This spring is supposed to be absolutely spectacular with wildflowers due to the incredible amount of rain that we've had.

Bruce Foley
02-23-2005, 1:23 AM
Thanks again for the ideas. As it turned out, we were able to tour only the northeast area of town and downtown Tempe campus area. Multiple trips to the airport with a rental car was certainly interesting!!!! Still, you folks have a wonderful area and I would love to return. Been marketing our Tempe branch for inhouse work- maybe 2-3 trips per winter or so ?? :)

Bruce Foley
back in the snow again...

Michael Ballent
02-23-2005, 4:18 PM
Glad that you enjoyed the trip, hopefully you will have more time to hang out in the Phoenix area :D There is a lot to see and do around here, if you have a little more time maybe some of us can get together and enjoy some lunch together. If you get a chance to visit the north valley Woodworkers Source I think that you will be impressed the number of different woods they have in stock. Of course with some of them you need to have a stool nearby when you look at the price and the sticker shocks hits you ;)

Come back often, but avoid the summer like the plague, especially August. BTW all the rain is highly unusual as well for us as well.

Jerry Olexa
02-24-2005, 11:08 AM
How is the weather now? Have you been hit and recovered from the rainstorms? We plan to be there week after next. Thanks.

Michael Ballent
02-24-2005, 12:56 PM
For us it is extremely wet, even our dry rivers are running. The trend has been rainy nights and no rain during the day. The mountains around the city are green with something they call plants ;) This morning as I was driving in it was 54 but the skys are blue with puffy clouds. The forecast looks like it is drying up a bit, but there are still chances for rain. You can get the forecast by going to this link http://www.weather.com/activities/other/other/weather/tenday.html?locid=85302 :D