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Jeff Belany
07-20-2011, 11:38 AM
Did my first ceramic tile with Cermark LMM12. Came out pretty well, nice, fairly dark mark, dark gray to black. My question is this -- the mark is quite rough (like sandpaper) especially compared to the glazed tile. Is this normal? Am I over/under powering it? I'm using close to the recommended setting, running a little faster but with 2x the power as speed. How has this worked for you guys out there? Overall I'm pretty pleased.

I see the new Cermark for tile (LMC-6044) doesn't rub off like the LMM12 does. How is your experience with the new formula?

I'm real curious how many 4x4 tiles I can spray with 1 can to determine the cost/tile. Next time I'll get the compound and spray my own.

I had to go this way when Home Depot decided to discontinue 4x4 Marble tiles iin the 2 colors I've been using a lot of, white and brown. The white I can use ceramic but not sure if I can find a nice brown since the dark brown Marble lasered white.

Hope the customer likes the ceramic.

Jeff in northern Wisconsin

Cindy Rhoades
07-27-2011, 7:03 PM
The can should tell you approx how many square inches it will cover and just do simple math Take the cost of the Cermark and divide it by the square inches it should cover and that would be your cost per square inch. Take your tile in this case 4x4=16 x Cermark cost per square inch and you know how much Cermark cost is on your tile. Hope this helps.

Dee Gallo
07-27-2011, 7:50 PM

When I use Cermark for ceramic tile it comes out slightly rough. This is because it sits on top of the glaze. The more small detail (as in a photo) the more roughness because of the tiny black dots.

cheers, dee

edit: Oh I just thought of this: there are "some" tiles that will allow you to engrave white through the glaze. I had good luck with something called Italian tile, whatever that is. It is a ceramic tile with a dull glaze finish and it looks like stone. So if you are willing to test a bunch of tiles, you will eventually find some with a brown marble appearance that will engrave white. Not real marble, but close!

Jeff Belany
07-28-2011, 10:55 AM
Thanks for the idea Dee. Next time I venture to the 'big city' where they have a few tile stores, I plan to look around and see what I find. The white tiles with the Cermark look pretty good but at the price of Cermark that adds over a dollar per tile to the cost. But the tiles are less expensive and I don't have to color fill so that makes them easier. I still want to find a nice brown as the brown Marble tiles were very popular.

Jeff in northern Wisconsin