View Full Version : Quick question about lasering glass panes

Don Young
07-20-2011, 12:29 PM
I have recently started lasering glass top cigar humidors with relative success; however, sometimes the glass will have an uneven etch. That is to say that the lasered glass line will be flaking off in some places and not in others. Even buffing the tops afterwards will not even things out. This is unsightly and I have tinkered with the power settings to avoid it. Suggestions from any glass experts ?

Chris DeGerolamo
07-20-2011, 1:05 PM
I find on our Epilog that if we engrave using Stucki or Jarvis algorithm instead of clipart settings, we get better results. Do you have similar options on your laser?

I'll add that I notice on the mugs I do for restaurants that the more they are used and washed, the smoother the engraving tends to become as the 'chips' fall off.

Chuck Stone
07-20-2011, 1:33 PM
since that is a nice, flat surface.. you might be better off getting some material
to use as a mask (polyester bumper sticker material?) and sandblasting it with
a small air eraser. I just saw them at Harbor Fright for $14.99. I have one, I
just forgot how much it was. Works like a champ.

I hook it up to a tiny compressor and it gives a nice clean frosted look to the glass,
much better than the laser. It looks like an airbrush, which basically, it is.
But it spits out sand instead of paint. I picked up some 80 grit which worked fine,
but I prefer the 220. I think it was about $5 for a 2lb container.

If you can find a decent sized empty cardboard box to use as a spray booth, you
could be etching glass for about $25 in startup costs.

I just did a Google on 'air eraser' and Paasche came up anywhere between $40
and $60.. the HF unit said $24.95. But I was there on Sunday and it said $14.99
and it wasn't on sale. Could be even better if you can find a discount coupon..

Dan Hintz
07-20-2011, 1:44 PM

Chipping is almost always a sign you're running too hot or using too high of a resolution... drop down to the 200-300dpi mark, and keep your power as low as possible. The chipping should go away.

Craig Matheny
07-20-2011, 4:44 PM
Try putting a coat of dishwasher soap on the glass prior to engraving or what I do is take 0000 bronze wool (not Steel it scratches) and rub it over the engraved area it does not scratch the glass but removes the ever so slight rough edges to a soft smooth surface. Just did 60 campaign glasses and no flaking. I run on a 45 watt 400dpi 55 sp 100 pwr.