View Full Version : General Purpose Hearts

Ray Mighells
07-13-2011, 4:08 PM
Here's an update on heart shapes for multi-purpose use. The first one is Jatoba, two 1/8" thick pieces glued together, back is also engraved. I drilled two holes each .75" deep, filled the holes with epoxy and inserted a .046 guage piece of used guitar (E) string.
The second one is two pieces of Black Walnut with a loop of the same guitar string clamped between. Results not great because of the thickness of the string.
All the others have .013 guage (B) string. Top right one, I bent a small angle on both ends of the loop and sandwiched it between both sections. Works well.
The bottom two, I twisted the string wire using a slim ball point for the radius and twisted it with needlenose pliers. It seats in a drilled and filled hole close to an inch deep. These shapes can also be used as pins or magnets or whatever.201719

Frank Corker
07-14-2011, 5:28 AM
It seems to me that you are going through a very inspirational time Ray. Nice work with these and the arrow heads.

Ray Mighells
07-14-2011, 10:55 AM
Thanks Frank, always glad to hear from you. I'm just trying to show relatively simple but salable stuff that can be made with the wood I am offering. More practical for the home business than the big high volume shops and it helps if you have a helpful support staff (wife and kids). A creative mind (not me) can produce great stuff with simple material and findings.