View Full Version : Creeker Visit Progress Photos

Lee Koepke
07-10-2011, 8:30 PM
Several months ago, I was given a rather large maple tree with a request of a large (14" ish) salad bowl for the Church the tree came from .... since my Rikon Mini simply can't squeeze that out .. my neighbor Tom Hamilton offered his shop, time, and Powermatic to work me thru this. We roughed out the blank, and its been drying for a few months ... yesterday we (I) finish turned it, now I need to sand it out, then we'll clean the foot up a bit in a week or so.... The bowl ended up about 13" diameter x 5+" deep ...

I do have to say, Tom is a gracious host and has helped me with learning the art of turning, it helps to have someone there with you, talking thru the 'how-tos' ... I do appreciate the opportunities!

Here is my progress photo (just the bowl, not the workers .... :p ) I will work on better photos once its finished.

well, comments/critiques, as always, are welcome!


ray hampton
07-10-2011, 8:42 PM
the bowl look like they are ready for a salad[hold the dressing ]

John Keeton
07-10-2011, 8:47 PM
That is a big ol' bowl, Lee!! The church dinners are going to be better this fall!

Steve Schlumpf
07-10-2011, 9:24 PM
Always great to hear of Creekers getting together to do some turning! Very nice bowl! Looking forward to seeing it once finished! The church members are going to love it!

charlie knighton
07-10-2011, 9:29 PM
very nice, nice to have someone to help you with your plan

Roger Chandler
07-10-2011, 9:47 PM
Very nice collaboration! Good form and this will be a blessing to the church dinners!!!

Harvey Ghesser
07-10-2011, 10:16 PM
That'll be a real nice bowl, Lee!:D
Something you can be real proud of. Quite a difference between a mini and a full sized lathe, huh?

Bernie Weishapl
07-10-2011, 11:14 PM
Great bowl. Creeker get together is always great.

Jim Burr
07-10-2011, 11:56 PM
Know the feeling Lee...pretty sweet bowl! Having that "over the shoulder" can't be beat!

Lee Koepke
07-11-2011, 9:09 AM
First thing the LOML said when I got home, "wow, I'd like one of those" ..... So beginneth the quest for a bigger lathe, WITH the blessings of the MRS .....

Russell Eaton
07-11-2011, 9:15 AM
That looks like the start of a new tool gloat. Sweet looking bowl, and a nice visit to boot.

Baxter Smith
07-11-2011, 11:07 AM
Great looking bowl! Congrats on the visit and help! And a pre congrats too on the coming upgrade!