View Full Version : 3D Crystal - laser engraving

Kevin Baker
07-06-2011, 6:53 AM
I've seen those crystal cubes that have the "floating" text in the center. I'm looking for someone who does these. Any leads?


Joe Pelonio
07-06-2011, 7:57 AM
I don't know anyone to recommend, but if you google 3d laser there many places advertised, including Chinese manufacturers
of the machines.

Mike Null
07-06-2011, 8:06 AM
I think Walmart may have ruined that business but have a look there to see if they still offer the service.

David Takes
07-06-2011, 8:57 AM
I use Precision Laser Art for my 3-D subsurface engraving. Do a Google search for them. I know at one time they used to supply all of the 3-D engraved crystals to Sam's Club and Walmart. The owner is Mark Dickens. I like using Mark because I know they are licensed to use this marking process.

Kevin Baker
07-06-2011, 9:14 AM
I did a google search and found many different suppliers, but always like to check here as well. Thanks everyone for your help and input.

Martin Boekers
07-06-2011, 9:45 AM
They used to be done in the "malls" around town. I think the novelty wore off and they disappeared.

If you are looking to get some made for yourself. I believe that Walmart or Sam's Clubs offer them in the Photo area.

Bill Cunningham
07-07-2011, 9:55 PM
The problem with these is people see the 'cheeeeeap' ones coming out of China, and when you quote them a price to etch dead uncle Bob into one, they tell you then can get Elvis for 3 bucks, and he's just as dead ! In all seriousness, competing with what many customer conceive as a dollar store product, and trying to get what a custom job should be worth is a tough row to hoe..

Dave Gates
07-08-2011, 12:16 PM
Kevin, there's a guy here in Cary, NC who does that. I'll look for his contact info in a bit

Daryl Gregg
07-08-2011, 2:00 PM
Place right down the street from me does this.... http://crystalmemoriesusa.com/

Brad Ports
07-09-2011, 1:58 PM
The guy in Cary would be Jud Patterson with Kreative Concepts. 919-810-7472