View Full Version : Re: Replacement of Laser Tube for Trotec Speedy 500

Samir Alyakoob
07-05-2011, 3:21 AM
Go Day All

I have a Trotec Speedy 500, and I need to replace the laser tube. The laser tube(120 Watts) has been provided by Synrad . Trotec instructs users to send the entire laser tube along with the power supply in order to refill the tube. However, Synrad only require the tube for refilling. Is it mandatory (from a technical perspective) to send both tube and power supply for refill??

Could someone provide more insight on what shall be done in this case. BTW sending the tube directly to Synrad (without the power supply) is much cheaper!!


Dan Hintz
07-05-2011, 6:24 AM
Trotec is likely asking for both so there's no confusion about the voltage being supplied (and it also cuts down on back and forth conversations where it was actually the supply that was dead, not the tube). That said, if Synrad is cheaper and requires less work, where's the problem? Send it to them, get your replacement, and get back to cutting.

Mike Null
07-05-2011, 6:59 AM

Not being technically oriented I'm not entirely sure my answer has merit but I was told by Trotec that they match the tube to the power supply with some of the adjustments they make. I have had such good performance from my Trotec that I am willing to accept that explanation. (just completed 5 years and over 7500 hours with zero down time)

Richard Rumancik
07-05-2011, 3:57 PM
I think Dan is correct, the only parameter of the power supply that would have an effect is the output voltage. The Synrads need to be tuned at the same voltage as the power supply is operating, or else life will be reduced. I guess that is Trotec's way to ensure it is matched as not every customer could measure or adjust the power supply.