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Rex Zielesch
06-29-2011, 6:28 PM
Hi there people, first off I want to thank the users on this forum for all they contribute, this forum is the richest source of good information for this trade I know of. We have a vytek fx5151, it is the workhorse of our etching business and we are in the middle of a large job and it decided to start having a major problem. The lines for each row of pixels is moving to the right, rather extremely, and in an inexact pattern. I have contacted vytek support and am waiting until tomorrow for them to get back to work for a response to these pictures and until them I am left with a lot of unfinished work and an approaching deadline. One weird thing, I checked some connections on the circuit and after I did, it did a couple straight lines for me, then when I tried in a different spot on the machine, It went back to the problem. The vytek guy advised against my first instinct, which was to apply some conductive grease to the connections that I touched. I am just curious if anybody has had an issue like this on their machine, whatever the brand, or if anyone has a guess on what this could be...

Thank you very much,


The images SHOULD be a 2"x2" square, and sets of .25" thick lines 16" apart, results are below, the straight lines being the etches right after my checking some pins connections, then the larger one to the far right being the etch after moving from the straight ones. If the square is 5 and the line sets are 1234, etching order was:
5, 2, *check connection*, 3, 1, *move position*, 4


Dan Hintz
06-30-2011, 6:59 AM
You're losing steps. It could be due to:
1) Bad stepper motor
2) Bad stepper controller
3) Bad stepper wiring loom
4) If your machine uses optical feedback for position (like Epilogs), bad/dirty encoder strip/sensor

Joseph Belangia
06-30-2011, 11:34 AM
Have you checked belt tension?

I like the bad motor problem as well. When you move the gantry across horizontally via the keypad controller, does it go smoothly or have a bit of a skip here and there?

Rex Zielesch
06-30-2011, 1:34 PM
Troubleshooting is leaning twards a voltage issue, possibly from the 5v power supply to the controller board. The encoder feedback connection has some debris on in, and a quick cleaning will shortly return the machine to OK again for a run or two. I had considered the belt yesterday, but thinking upon it last night and how it acted after messing with the connection I excluded mechanical issues. I would take mechanical anyday over electrical. :(