View Full Version : Applying cermark to stainless steel

greg lindsey
06-21-2011, 11:23 AM
I am always seeing the question of "how thick or thin to apply cermark to certian products" in this case I'm using 304ss tags. Hopefully you can see just how much cermark is being applied to recieve the desired results. I know many of you use this product on a daily basis, but this is intended to help the "newbies" out there who need the question answered by actaully seeing that it dosen't take much to get a good mark. This mark is achieved with a 60 watt laser using 30s and 100p settings.

The best way I have been able to determine a good mark is after the part is cleaned is to use some steel wool on it, it you cant remove the mark with steel wool, you have got a mark that will hold for a long time. NOTE, Cermark will fade over time if exposed to UV (direct sunlight) if it's not oversprayed with a clear coating. Rustolem clear enamel from HD or wherever will work, but can be scratched off or wear overtime. Ferro recommends another clear coating from a company they use, but I cannot think of it at this time. Contact ferro and they'll give you the info.

pics are a partial of a 6500 pc order I am currently working on. lots of cleaning left to do.