View Full Version : HELLLLLLPPP! Xenetech laser won't cut an arc.

Glenn Zelinsky
06-13-2011, 7:15 PM
My Xenetech laser when cutting an arc actually cuts a bunch of straight lines making up an arc. From far away it looks like an arc but when you look close you can see in is a series of straight lines. I had this problem years ago and we changed some setting that fixed it. I don't remember what we did and we have since reloaded the firmware so it is back to doing that. I don't remember if it was a setting on the machine or in Corel. Please help.

We know the drawing is correct. It is just a 3 point arc from AutoCAD saved as a DWG then opened in Corel.

Glenn Zelinsky
06-13-2011, 7:18 PM
Also, anyone who has a Xenetech laser knows tech support costs money. I was going to try this route first. Thanks. Oh and would anyone like to trade a Xenetech for an Epoloue?

Bruce Volden
06-13-2011, 8:34 PM
Glen, I know nothing of Xenetech lasers, but are you CERTAIN it is a true arc and not simply some short segments resembling an arc? Can you ZOOM in greatly and look at things to make sure it's not just a bunch of straight nodes making up the arc?? Anyway, that's what came to my mind.


Andrew Mammoliti
06-13-2011, 8:51 PM
Try maybe ungrouping all and see what happens!

Rodne Gold
06-14-2011, 12:34 AM
You might have a section in your laser driver that references curve smoothness or importing, check for that , otherwise check your exporting out of acad, try exporting out as dxf , hpgl as well as dwg format , one might work better in corel than another. If you zoom in in corel and the curve is smooth , then it is most likely the driver, if its faceted in corel , its the import/export.

Richard Rumancik
06-14-2011, 10:48 AM
Not too many Xenetech users here . . . I think Keith Outten has some (less that ideal) experience with them . . . if you don't solve it on your own maybe send him a PM as he doesn't read everything posted.

Bill Overturf
06-14-2011, 11:36 AM
You can email Xenetech tech support for free or send a PM to Roy Brewer on here.

Michael Wintermute
06-14-2011, 10:56 PM
I belive that you are looking for the CorelDraw Driver Compatability, send Beziere and paths to driver.
In Corel, click on Tools, then Options(Ctrl+j).
Expand Global(click on the +), and Printing
Select Driver Compatability.
Pull down the Printer: and select your laser.
Tick the box "Send bezieres and paths to driver"
Click the Ok
My laser gives me fits if I Raster and Vector higher than 500DPI with this ticked.(over 500DPI and the "Lines" are not noticeable)

Hope this helps,